Influencer Marketing Tutorial – How to Find Influencers Realated Your Niches?

With the time goes by, influencer marketing has become a common marketing strategy of the businesses. Meanwhile, multiple businesses invest much more money and driving traffics and sales, even some of the companies build a new department boosting market. However, we know that influencer marketing is a non-standard business, and before starting a promotion project, a large amount of influencers’ information needs to be collected to provide guarantee for effective reach of influencers. This article will combine business scenarios to show you how to find influencers efficiently and accurately.


Influencers Are The Head Accounts On Social Media Platforms

Do you feel pins and needles when you see so many logos? That’s right, influencers are distributed across all social media platforms, and we need to visit all platforms to gather information before we find influencers. However, it does not mean that we have to go to every platform, we have to combine the characteristics of the target market users of the business, which can focus our efforts and save time. It is recommended that you select 2 to 3 social media platforms according to the size of social media platform users while combining their own user profiles.

Based on the data, we can know that Facebook, YouTube, INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK are the top platforms. Here, I have removed the platforms listed in the picture above, because although they have a large number of users, they belong to social communication software, which is not easy to hatch out influencers.

Here’s another problem that you may encounter: “Once I log in to these platforms, I have to search, browse, and add friends to get the algorithmic recommendations, or I can only see ads from other companies in the feed, this takes too long time.” So what should I do? You need an influencer search engine – Noxinfluencer.


Multiple Platforms Search


Noxinfluencer supports three social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Enter the name of influencers through the designated platform and channel link can quickly find influencers. At this point, I’m sure someone will ask, “I don’t know who the influencers are?” That’s ok, you can use search filters and industry keywords to help you.


Keywords & Advanced Search


We need to know that influencers have some characteristics in common, such as the number of followers, content type, country, language and so on. Let’s just pick some random ones and see what happens.

For example, I am an e-commerce seller of pet products on Amazon in the United States, and my promotion budget may only be a few thousand dollars. So I can search like this to find some influencers that fit the criteria. It’s important to note that the search feature usually matches influencers whose name or keyword contains the keyword. If you want to expand your range, just try this:


Search by Tags


Click the tag icon to see the tag library. Take note that you can search influencers combing the filter. Have not find the influencers yet? I have at least 2 methods helps you made it. Continue reading and know.


Search by Videos

Video Search - Noxinfluencer

Let’s make the example more detailed. If I am a seller of pet supplies for British shorthair, and I still can’t find influencers related to British shorthair by using the method just mentioned, how can I use video search to find it? See the picture below:

Here, you will get more videos related to the British shorty cat based on the video content to find influencers.


Exact Matched


This is the last method, and if you still can’t find the right influencers, it only proves that your industry is way out of line. Click the avatar in the top right corner to enter the marketing platform:

Select influencer exact match tab, and then enter keywords, promotion area, and budget to get the matching influencers.

The method above is the fastest way to find influencers using Noxinfluencer and I hope it will be helpful for you.

In the next chapter, we’ll show you how to use data analysis to dig out the right influencers

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