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Endless We’re vampires.
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Karin Guerra 🎆
Karin Guerra 🎆 Youtuber y Streamer de NimoTV🐷 "Se el cambio qué quieres ver"☁️ Cochi Army👑 Nos vemos todos los dias aqui🕹😜⬇️
102.14K 338 42
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Te amo🤍
Tienes 3 segundos para darme todo tu amor uwu 👾😂
Madison 🎆
Madison 🎆 ✨ Welcome to my Provincial Wife Life 🤷‍♀️ Probably eating a churro 🌍 Travel Agent w/ Jolly Holiday Travel Co 🐭 ***
1.21K 388 276
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Oh what I wouldn't give for this view right now 😍 I need an overnight date with Castaway Cay STAT!
I don't think I'll ever be over the FOOD on Disney Cruise Line 🥰 It's delcious, aesthetically pleasing, oh and did I mention UNLIMITED?! Have you been on a Disney cruise?? If not, where are you dying to sail to?
This week has been the wildest ride in the wilderness!! 🚂 This time of year is always my busy season but I'm so thankful for everything we have coming up! T-minus 25 days until I'm home 🥰
Berlin - Tag & Nacht
Berlin - Tag & Nacht Folgt jetzt den geilsten WGs Deutschlands! 😎💥🥳 "Berlin - Tag & Nacht", Mo-Fr, 19:05 Uhr
580.33K 5 810
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Es war nicht immer leicht, aber wir beide gehören einfach zusammen. Peggy, willst du meine Frau werden? ❤️ Joe
Na, das nenne ich mal einen Tapetenwechsel 👌🏻 Krätze 
Mein erster Tag im LA14🍹Mike
TAG - Experiências Literárias
TAG - Experiências Literárias Somos um clube de assinatura de livros que entrega experiências literárias na sua casa :) Conheça nossas caixinhas: TAG Curadoria e TAG Inéditos
418K 335 1,197
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🌎 Pra mim, viajar é... 🌎

Hoje, 27 de setembro, é o Dia Mundial do Turismo. E você sabe qual livro tem tudo a ver com viagens? "Todos nós adorávamos caubóis", da @carolbensimon! Para concorrer a um exemplar autografado pela autora, basta completar a frase acima e seguir o perfil @taglivros. 
As 15 respostas mais curtidas nesta publicação levam um livro pra casa! 
Faremos a contagem das curtidas às 18h de segunda-feira, dia 30/09/19. O resultado será divulgado nesta publicação e os ganhadores devem ter endereço de entrega no Brasil :) ✨
👉 Dentre todos os livros enviados pela TAG, qual é o seu preferido? 👈

Na foto, alguns que estiveram nas caixinhas de 2019. 😍 
#taglivros #literatura #leitura #tagcuradoria #tagineditos
Algumas empresas estão concorrendo ao Prêmio que reconhece os altos índices de atendimento e a satisfação na plataforma ReclameAQUI. Mas adivinhe: não fomos aceitos pela organização do Prêmio... por falta de reclamações! 😅

Assista ao vídeo e entenda! 🙊
TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer Welcome to the TAG Heuer Official account. Discover our world and share your passion through our #DontCrackUnderPressure motto. Discover more:
2.49M 137 5,447
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Est. Views120.97K
JIKA LIHAT PROMOSI TAG KAMI Polisi promosi Peninggi badan, penggemuk badan, pengurus badan, dll (semua promosi) Kalau lihat promosi di komen tag akun ini! Bukan akun beneran yaa
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Terimakasih @a_._view , @ahlitinggibadan29 kami tangkap, maaf karena yg satu ini kabur dari penjara Terimakasih , @mrs.teethwhitening_ kamu tangkap
Terimakasih @steven__jaya , @extream.hypergrow2 kami tangkap
World Chase Tag™
World Chase Tag WCT4 - Channel 4 (UK) Thursday 19th September at 23:55.
106.21K 1.72K 289
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Est. Views21.34K
Best Chase Competition - Luke v Chris - WCT PRO 2GO Euro Championships. Click link in bio to vote for your favourite and both athletes in the winning chase receive $1000 each. @lukestonesuk @harmatchris @officialpro2go #worldchasetag #chasetag #WCT #pro2go #bestchase #parkour #ninjawarrior #freerunning
Best Chase Competition - David v Chris - WCT PRO 2GO Euro Championships. Click link in bio to vote for your favourite and both athletes in the winning chase receive $1000 each. @davidnelmes @harmatchris @officialpro2go #worldchasetag #chasetag #WCT #pro2go #bestchase #parkour #ninjawarrior #freerunning
Best Chase Competition - Bart v Robbie - WCT PRO 2GO Euro Championships. Click link in bio to vote for your favourite and both athletes in the winning chase receive $1000 each. @thebartlife @robbiegriffith @officialpro2go #worldchasetag #chasetag #WCT #pro2go #bestchase #parkour #ninjawarrior #freerunning
Tag #Aputure To Be Featured!
Tag #Aputure To Be Featured! 💡Cinema Gear | Education | Features | Contests 🎥By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers 👇🏼 Enter Our Competition Here!
186.71K 1.05K 2,268
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Est. Views22.68K
Check out our new episode on Youtube of "4 Minute Film School" -- Lighitng 101: INT. BOXING RING dives into the finer details of creating a gritty action look, while shooting in a boxing gym. LA was very hot on this day, and the gym didn't have any air conditioning, so mad props to everybody involved -- especially our incredible DP @oliver_lukacs and talent @annayosin and @troyssickpics !!!
This look was inspired by the other famous boxing films we've all been immersed in -- the lighting creates an inner-city realism. This is a kinetic and dynamic sequence of shots, illuminated with motivated natural light. But it's not all about the lighting choices for this episode -- as a key motivator of this scene was switching the shutter speed to 90 degrees, to allow the viewer to become more present with the action.
One of our actors had a last-minute emergency for this shoot, and luckily Troy (who was actually crew) jumped-in to play the trainer! That's showbiz kid! .
#aputurephoto #litwithaputure #justgoshoot #thepeoplescreative #picturesup #focusrite #filmcollective #infilmwetrust #cinebible #collectivelycreate #exploremore #leagueoflenses #weareaputure Less
“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is...” —Anonymous .
This is from our workshop hosted by @twillveit at UPC University in Lima, Peru. Here students were able to get the rundown about the advancement of Aputure’s hand in the evolution of the technology, at least in regards to its use within the creative realm. .
We’re always proud to spend an afternoon breaking down the mechanics of continuous light photography, blending the technique with flash photography, and a hands-in look at painting with light.
In addition, we went over the 5 Portrait Photography Basics: Paramount, Loop, Rembrandt, Split, and Profile. Utilizing these techniques, we recreated looks from Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Avengers. . 
Thanks to everybody who came out to learn more about what’s new from our end, and expressing genuine interest in the art of creative lighting in photography. And special thanks to @choykifox for making this happen!
#Aputurephoto #litwithaputure #justgoshoot #thepeoplescreative #picturesup #focusrite #filmcollective #infilmwetrust #cinebible #collectivelycreate #exploremore #leagueoflenses #weareaputure
The M9s are still one of our best-selling models on the market — these things have a million creative uses and are compact to use literally anywhere. 🖤🖤🖤
Do you have an M9 and what’s your most unexpected use that you’ve found for it? 💡💡💡
Awesome shot from @emilstarlight .
#Aputurephoto #litwithaputure #justgoshoot #thepeoplescreative #picturesup #focusrite #filmcollective #infilmwetrust #cinebible #collectivelycreate #exploremore #leagueoflenses #weareaputure
TAG Motorsports
TAG Motorsports Automotive Customization and Performance facility ☎️ 877-244-5650 📮 Worldwide shipping 📍 San Diego, CA
157.51K 294 5,777
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Est. Views8.03K
Mixing subtle with unique. 2020 Bentley continental. We Painted the grill to display a “1” to signify it being an Edition one, as well as full Exhaust and Badge blackout #bentley #bentleycontinental #bentleycontinentalgt
Our TAG x ABT RS5 Switched up its wheels before its ready for its new owner! @vossen HF-5
Pistas R’ Us. 🦒
Another #488pista ready to terrorize the streets. (Spoiler alert: it already has🤫) This time it’s our own on @novitecgroup NF9 wheels. 
#ferrarichat #488gtb #ferrari #carswithoutlimits #carsofinstagram #novitec #ferraritailormade #vossenwheels #tagmotorsports
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