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Tailgating Challenge ®️ We CHALLENGE you to better tailgating and homegating than ever! Home of #nationaltailgatingday ™️, contact us to set up a promotion for your product.
38.94K 7.45K 5,184
Engagement Rate1.58%
Est. Views3.07K
TAILGATE FEST ✯ The Tailgate doesn’t stop when the show starts. #TailgateFest . 📍Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA 📆 To Be Announced 👇Tickets + More
15.38K 335 400
Engagement Rate0.97%
Est. Views746
196 We make car shopping easy, so you can keep life moving. Serving 100 Million Annual Car Shoppers. Search Millions. Find Yours. 🚘
1.71K 1.28K 1,822
Engagement Rate10.64%
Est. Views912
Our goal has always been to make the car buying experience better, faster and more fun! Shopping for your next vehicle on is as easy as search, click and done!

Shop millions of new and used cars for sale & find yours.
As fans anxiously await the first #football game of the year where the @ChicagoBears take on the #GreenBay @Packers - They load up their cars with hot dogs and hamburgers to go #tailgate before the #footballgame! 
When they arrive... the car is their home, their meeting point, their picnic table, and when the final whistle blows it is their safe way home. 🚘

Enjoy the @NFL season everyone! 🏈
Photo Credit: @toyotausa 
The world has been waiting for the release of the 2020 @toyota Tacoma. As recent years have boded well for the midsized truck, Toyota loyalists standby to see how the 2020 model stacks up.

It’s Just Around the Corner
Coming later this year is Toyota's latest and greatest Tacoma. This midsize truck has surprised many with its popularity, but it’s not hard to see why drivers everywhere love getting behind the wheel of one. As car media around the world are getting in their first 2020 Tacoma drives, we’ve got all the details you need to know before trading in your old truck for a new one.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Specs
TRD Pro Trimline
Engine: 3.5L V6
Horsepower: 278 HP
Drivetrain: 4WD
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic
Fuel Efficiency: 18 mpg city | 22 mpg highway
Towing Capacity: 6,400 lbs

The 2020 model brings not only the ruggedness of an off-road vehicle but the comfort of a luxurious truck. As the 15th best-selling vehicle in the U.S., the Tacoma has delivered both the yin and yang of work and play that drivers look for in a mid-size truck.

10-Way Power Seat
Toyota answered long time Tacoma fans’ calls. The seats have been a long-time complaint of Tacoma drivers who drive long stints on the highway or over rugged roads. With the 10-way power seat, drivers can get comfortable no matter what terrain is under the tires.

What Needs Work?
According to @motor1com, there is one quality of the Tacoma that may need a little work. As an off-road vehicle, drivers expect top-tier handling, but that doesn’t always mean the ride is comfortable. Even on flat pavement, drivers have experienced a bit of “shake.” This shake, although not detrimental to the safety of Tacoma passengers, can be a little more rugged than expected on highway roads.

Toyota Tacoma Sets the Standard for Mid-Sized Trucks
With the 2020 Tacoma’s release date unknown, we’re all left here to wait. What we do know, from sources like @edmundsdotcom and @motortrend, is that the 2020 Tacoma seems to hold up to Toyota’s standards of building quality, hardy trucks that hold their value for years to come.

Visit to view full article
remi warren TV host, husband, dad, hunter, guide, writer, video game character, nomad. Living off wild meat & documenting my trips with a camera #livewildhunthard
336.23K 1.62K 1,130
Engagement Rate5.05%
Est. Views84.9K
Nordicar Volvo Parts 🔧 Webshop with parts for classic Volvo’s 🌍 Worldwide shipping 📱 Tag your Volvo #nordicar
28.51K 1.35K 1,670
Engagement Rate3.54%
Est. Views5.04K
Kurtisssss ☝️ West Indian 🇻🇨🇧🇧🌊 Cornell '19 Twitter/Snapchat : Kurtsindahouse
1.08K 801 48
Engagement Rate27.65%
Est. Views972
Real niggas is a dyin’ breed, but we still maintaining
Statistically, this accomplishment doesn’t make any sense. However, Kurt never makes sense and I’m ecstatic to graduate as a member of the class of 2019.

To everyone who has been apart of my journey, thank you! Please continue to support me through my future endeavors as I couldn’t have done it without y’all. 
Now only a million more years left pursuing that MD 🤣

As for now, the mission has been accomplished. I have made my mother proud ✅
Y’all know I’m a mommas boy 😭😭😭 shoutout to the strongest woman I know ❤️👸🏽
HGTV Go behind the scenes with HGTV! Find us on Twitter @HGTV and on Facebook at ⬇️ Click this URL for more info on our posts ↩️
5.06M 948 8,831
Engagement Rate0.06%
Est. Views15.19K
Kevin Fisher | Tailgate Crew @tailgatecrew ➧ 🇳🇴/ 🇨🇦 ➧ Cars & Travel 🌍🏎 ➧ E46 - Widebody 🇩🇪 ➧ 350z - Supercharged 🇯🇵 ➧ All pics by me. Ønsker du shoot, DM. 𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙖❤
1.07K 590 374
Engagement Rate0%
Est. Views0
deepeddyvodka Bringing People Together. Day Drink Responsibly. Must be 21+ 40% ABV Bottled by Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery, Buda, TX
64.4K 792 655
Engagement Rate0.9%
Est. Views2.89K
Julia | ☕️🌎🍵 I prefer to see the mug as half full..
135 262 74
Engagement Rate17.48%
Est. Views118
Heaven is a bowl of dried lavender for the taking & tea making- what a way to start the week! #lavender #tea #HappyMonday #mycupoftea
Ended the summer tailgating for @zacbrownband with some @twistedtea !! 💙 #hardicedtea #tailgate #summer #twistedtea #girlsnight #ladyandthetea
Passion fruit green tea concluded a Friday family dinner 🇮🇹 #greentea #serendipitea #passionfruit #mycupoftea #ladyandthetea
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