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tia * 18years old. based in Dalian,China artwork @tia.artwork privacy space @tokyotrashgirl
20.92K 907 85
Engagement Rate14.89%
Est. Views15.58K
🌺MaferRocha🌺 👩🏻‍💻Degree Marketing 🖥 Twitch Partner 🛡CDC|@overknightmx 💎Yout|MaferRocha 🌸 Lol Partner 💌Contact|[email protected]📥 🎀CD|maferrocha en fortnite
250.05K 1.4K 2,289
Engagement Rate9.51%
Est. Views118.9K
Tia Taylor
Tia Taylor 🇯🇲🇳🇬🇺🇸🇮🇹 American Girl in Italy Econ grad, Beauty Enthusiast, Social Commentary 📹 | 300k subscribers on 31M views on YT
50.36K 1.38K 490
Engagement Rate5.95%
Est. Views14.98K
E niente, I just really liked my makeup today.
#makeuplife #glowy #euphoriamakeup #makeup #blackgirlmagic #fentybeauty #esteelauder #narsissist #skinista
Milano ❤️.
#Italy #milano #igersmilano #igersitslia #blackgirlmagic
🇮🇹 | Alzati dal letto, sorridi e dì a te stesso: oggi è la mia giornata! Tutte le tue peculiarità ti rendono TE STESSO e non dimenticare mai che ciò che ti rende diverso e speciale. La storia dietro il mio sorriso è che non mi è sempre piaciuto... Pensavo che fosse troppo grande per la mia faccia! Meno male che crescendo, mi sono resa conto che i nostri sorrisi sono le cose più belle e uniche di noi e quindi dobbiamo per forza apprezzarli! Sono onorata di collaborare con #ColgateItalia per questa campagna per promuovere la sicurezza in sé stessi ed imparare ad amarsi per quello che ci rende unici: il tuo sorriso unico!
#ColgateSmileOn #AD #smile
🇺🇸 | Wake up, smile and tell yourself that today is your day! All of your peculiarities make you YOU and never forget that what makes you different, makes you special. The story behind me smile is that I didn’t always like it! I thought it was too big for my face… Good thing that growing up I realized that our smile is actually the most beautiful and unique thing about us and so we MUST appreciate them! I’m honored to be partnering with #ColgateItalia in a campaign that promotes loving yourself for who you are and embracing everything that makes you unique - especially your one and only smile!
#ColgateSmileOn #AD #smile
Tia Bhatia ;
Tia Bhatia ; 🇨🇦🇮🇳 Actress Business inquiries: [email protected] Agent: @__dan88__ TEDx Speaker Proud daughter of immigrants 600k subscribers! Donate 👇🏽
117.15K 690 835
Engagement Rate3.45%
Est. Views20.2K
Tia Ayton
Tia Ayton law student @tiaaytonfitness @elitemodelworld enquiries: [email protected]
163.01K 82 26
Engagement Rate3.28%
Est. Views26.73K
Breakfast w/a view 🍑 
Swimsuit - @prettylittlething #pltstyle
Sauced up and she nice wit it
Snap saw it first 👻- xtiaayton
🌺SuperMechaFrieza🌺 💙Twitter | Smf_Frieza 🖤EwinRacing Affiliate ❤️Youtube | SuperMechaFrieza
47.74K 112 545
Engagement Rate18.31%
Est. Views43.71K
Tia Talula
Tia Talula @tiatalula_photography + Stylist Life | Style | London 🧿 Juggling Motherhood + Freelance life ***
5.67K 1.94K 1,820
Engagement Rate4.04%
Est. Views1.14K
I had many words in my head about how I feel this weekend about my daughter turning 13, but then I’ve come here and I can’t translate how I feel into words. Maybe because there aren’t any words to describe how a mother feels as the years float away, how you want to cling on to every moment for dear life so they stay in your memory until the end of time. How you kick yourself for being busy with life because you didn’t have time to REALLY listen to the conversation and just said ‘Yes Dear’. The list goes on right... the should of’s. I’ve been looking through my Facebook photos of the sweet sweaty face of my toddler and staring in awe at the strong, smart lady I have raised. I could go on... I won’t - I’ll be here all day. Instead I’ll probably just stare at her all day and kiss her as often as she’ll let me in hope 13 will stay chiselled in my memory forever . I’ll also try not to cry, because she will eye roll at me. The eye rolling is real when they are teenager. And here I am - the mother of a teenager !  Who would have thought ! (Not me) . Have a wonderful weekend loves x 
The dress is the darker version of the @hollywilloughby dress I saw at the @marksandspencerfashionpr day, and my investment leather jacket from @allsaints. 📷 Andie p
#Ad. Goodbye Anxiety. When you’ve been out of the loop for a while, normal things that you wouldn’t have even noticed before become things that cause nervousness. I used to travel on the tube quite regularly before I became unwell and didn’t even think twice before travelling. Nowadays - I worry about travel times, how long the journey will be, if I’ll need to go the the loo in that time, will the train stop mid tunnel 😖I find the amount of people overwhelming in rush hour, and if I’m alone the anxiety reaches overwhelming levels. I rarely took any kind of headphones with me before because I didn’t need it, so when the lovely @sudio offered me these super cool earphones, I honestly thought my daughter would love them, little did I know that having music on my journey would help calm me and help me forget all the chatter in my head. So nowadays I won’t travel without them. They have been a godsend. So if you fancy a pair the lovely @sudio have given me a discount code for you to use - tiatal15 - I highly recommend them . How do you calm yourself when nervous? 📷 taken by my student @andiepascoulisx
There’s no Monday mood over here! I’ve been interviewed by my lovely friend @miswall for her new podcast series @miswall_coffeecheers and it’s on ITunes 🤭I’m talking about how I reached the peak of my career and how I crashed, I talk about the highs and lows over the last 6 months and how I’ve picked myself up. I would love if you went over and had a little listen - especially if you’re going through a tough time , and want to know how I went about getting better. (link in my bio) Have a fab week loves x my fab bag is from @nellanddigby and I love it.
Tia Makeup lover 🌞☁️
1.18K 348 65
Engagement Rate10.46%
Est. Views618
Someone asked for a smokey eye so have this sexy smokey eye ❤️🖤
#smallbusiness #makeup #followforfollowback #beauty #makeupbag  #eyeshadow #followforfollowback #followbackalways #makeup #swatches #makeuplooks #eyeshadow #insta  #instafollow #followforfollowback #follow4followback #f4f #beautylover #makeuplover #makeuplovers #shoutout #shoutoutforshoutout  #lashes #likeforlikes #like4likes #likeforfollow #likeforlikeback #like4likes #like4follow  #norvina #promotersearch #makeupguru #beauty
Cute little look ❤️
#smallbusiness #makeup #followforfollowback #beauty #makeupbag  #eyeshadow #followforfollowback #followbackalways #makeup #swatches #makeuplooks #eyeshadow #insta  #instafollow #followforfollowback #follow4followback #f4f #beautylover #makeuplover #makeuplovers #shoutout #shoutoutforshoutout  #lashes #likeforlikes #like4likes #likeforfollow #likeforlikeback #like4likes #like4follow  #norvina #promotersearch #makeupguru #beauty
I have never done a green look before so here it is 😂💚
#smallbusiness #makeup #followforfollowback #beauty #makeupbag  #eyeshadow #followforfollowback #followbackalways #makeup #swatches #makeuplooks #eyeshadow #insta  #instafollow #followforfollowback #follow4followback #f4f #beautylover #makeuplover #makeuplovers #shoutout #shoutoutforshoutout  #lashes #likeforlikes #like4likes #likeforfollow #likeforlikeback #like4likes #like4follow  #norvina #promotersearch #makeupguru #beauty
Tia 👵🏻
Tia 👵🏻 Oi eu sou a Tia , turma !!! Sou mto Bacanuda !!!! Ai que amorrr!!!! Se quiserem sigam @guilherme.uzeda meu sobrinho! 😘👵💁👑👠💄🎀 #atiaéumshow
97.1K 1.57K 3,315
Engagement Rate1.68%
Est. Views8.15K
Vem turma ! Vai ser Bacanudo !!!
Já comecei a comemorar o dia das Crianças! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Lulu tabith
Do fundo do Baú, com @javannucci @cillifelipe no @gazetamulheres ❤️ #tbt
TIA CHRISTOFI FITNESS Oh hey! 18❣️ 💌[email protected] 💋’Fit in Lockdown’ program 💋@ryderwear TIA10 |@ehplabs |@pushhfit 💋Masters in Training
152.88K 722 640
Engagement Rate5.82%
Est. Views44.49K
talk to me different 🐆
Know exactly what you deserve and accept nothing less 💕
@ehplabs Isopept cookies & cream protein powder - 25grams of protein, gluten free and perfect for lean muscle growth and repair.
💯TIA10💯 for discount on EVERYTHING at &
Link in my bio to shop
#ehplabs_ausnz #teamehp#fitnessmotivation #fitsporation#explore #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife#bikinigirl
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