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2.59M Views· 2018-07-12 Published Date· 69.65K Likes· 17.24K Comments

This song is about Fortnite. The Fortnite song to end all Fortnite songs, just in time for season 5. I thought of this as a JOKE and then sort of accidentally made it happen. Thanks to all the creators on this song - links to all their channels are below. #RapBattleRoyale - Is this the most rappers on a track in history? ► Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1QWwSQR ► Google Play: http://goo.gl/GtPohY ► iTunes: http://goo.gl/UkKjQV CREDITS: Words: Aaron Fraser-Nash http://goo.gl/zeR9bR Akira The Don http://goo.gl/D3m738 Andrew Huang http://goo.gl/HWygs7 Ashens http://goo.gl/emWWUB Athene http://goo.gl/CewRVa Baron Samedi http://goo.gl/jfN87G Bonecage http://goo.gl/n6AqAT Boogie2988 http://youtube.com/boogie2988 Boyinaband http://goo.gl/m3N8iV Brysi http://goo.gl/ob41f6 Bth Games Music http://goo.gl/geWMrT Canal Raplay http://goo.gl/YLzWfm CarRaxX http://goo.gl/BKcWCw Chad Wild Clay http://goo.gl/kspz1J Chris Ray Gun http://goo.gl/ekqXKR Daarui http://goo.gl/pJQJJk Daddyphatsnaps http://goo.gl/HZQ5ds Dan Bull http://goo.gl/wGDoM8 Daniel Rustage http://goo.gl/qj8sRQ Dariadubs http://goo.gl/6CUnue DatteBeats http://goo.gl/SiaViH Defmatch http://goo.gl/S3PqaQ Divide Music http://goo.gl/g84M77 DK Zoom http://goo.gl/3VU4WM DOBLE http://goo.gl/iYuZAR Elsie Lovelock http://goo.gl/ws2Tyu Enrique Rubio http://goo.gl/pP8yDm EnterElysium http://goo.gl/iEXWPz Epic Lloyd http://goo.gl/53L1BW Fabvl http://goo.gl/MAkVvc Felícia Rock http://goo.gl/NZnAQN Gameboy Jones http://goo.gl/ZqzH1w GassyMexican http://goo.gl/s7snqY George Bull http://goo.gl/P9r8ux GizzyGazza https://goo.gl/9Ky2xB Guuh ASC http://goo.gl/fSXRrp Hi-Rez http://goo.gl/dFJqPy Iain Mannix http://goo.gl/i1DZtj iBallisticSquid http://goo.gl/HLDSyf Icarus http://goo.gl/KoxKLY IKER PLAN http://goo.gl/vfk9hd Instalok http://goo.gl/7xGYXf InTheLittlewood http://goo.gl/qryhju Isu RmX http://goo.gl/wVoZRz ItsJustJord http://goo.gl/g6UW6Z Ivangel Music http://goo.gl/L3yYRz Jacksfilms http://goo.gl/92iPWd Jay-F http://goo.gl/jN4i8u Jeremy Dooley http://goo.gl/tAkuJs JT Music http://goo.gl/nPY1nR KANHANGA SPORTRAP http://goo.gl/c6tSS7 Keyblade http://goo.gl/YT7qkh KimDotCom http://goo.gl/Cfvz1Y Kinox http://goo.gl/3knSNP Laura Shigihara http://goo.gl/WP8Tuw Leigh Beadon http://goo.gl/Ua2gpY LilDeuceDeuce http://goo.gl/HDNxxT Lindsay Jones http://goo.gl/oyaTAz Mat4yo http://goo.gl/n4tMnW Matt Shea http://goo.gl/kM4Ub8 MC Lars http://goo.gl/QQKRrz MdeMelocotón http://goo.gl/agzA3j Mediyak http://goo.gl/URACpw Mega Ran https://goo.gl/6kv5Fz Mic:Lee http://goo.gl/ZzTLBN Miracle Of Sound http://goo.gl/EU5gVY Muselk http://goo.gl/ARZg5b NateWantsToBattle http://goo.gl/gD2sdm NemRaps http://goo.gl/bLkjGK NerdCubed http://goo.gl/UhCYDr Nerdout – Jack http://goo.gl/YQE8W1 Nice Peter http://goo.gl/Br5FpA Nick J Henderson http://goo.gl/kKDUmU NLJ http://goo.gl/22oTDN Ohm-i http://goo.gl/fQcM6f Oliver Age 24 http://goo.gl/ZxiDqG Outconsumer http://goo.gl/mXDLFJ Oxygen Beats http://goo.gl/8wDrLU Phan Ann http://goo.gl/12om9Q Piyoasdf http://goo.gl/2JsHmd Professor Elemental http://goo.gl/S5Rm4m Randolph http://goo.gl/VsKQj9 Ricky Berwick http://goo.gl/SJsD72 Rockit Gaming http://goo.gl/2kqhnw Roomie http://goo.gl/HLXgu6 RubberNinja http://goo.gl/3UpE8x Saikore http://goo.gl/qLgheV SAV http://goo.gl/KPZJ7M ShaoDow http://goo.gl/Woq8Jq Slapdash Rapper http://goo.gl/VHHyYX Sora http://goo.gl/eQ5ZYL *Sparkles http://goo.gl/A5jumx StamperTV http://goo.gl/56Z5cb Stylosa http://goo.gl/9N3q8R T.C. Punters http://goo.gl/v8GAvL TAKR http://goo.gl/SjP9zW Tay Zonday http://goo.gl/u3Lu3T Teamheadkick http://goo.gl/qEQ2Hy Tejbz http://goo.gl/NK9VU2 The Living Tombstone http://goo.gl/6xVBjZ The Stupendium http://goo.gl/j8uq4o TheGamingLemon http://goo.gl/VuaTwY TheRPGMinx http://goo.gl/RYdsmT TK RAPS http://goo.gl/SeLrSK TomSka http://goo.gl/2M5V2g Tryhardninja http://goo.gl/dHdkpZ Veela http://goo.gl/yrKBd7 VideoGameRapBattles http://goo.gl/q2PZH5 Weebl http://goo.gl/djPfba Xiao Rishu http://goo.gl/uVMHHC Ykato http://goo.gl/qaWa6Q Yuri Black http://goo.gl/c2wrvS Zach Boucher http://goo.gl/AHjoFj Zuby http://goo.gl/H8fSfb Music: Kustom Beats http://kustombeats.com Mix: Oxygen Beats http://youtube.com/OxygenBeats Video: Nick J Henderson http://twitter.com/nickjhenderson Fortnite Actors: AJ http://twitter.com/AnArmyOfFrogs Brit Empress http://twitter.com/brit_empress Cartime http://twitter.com/Cartime__ DatedRhyme713 http://twitter.com/datedrhyme713 D-Licious http://youtube.com/dlicious MrDirtyPixels http://instagram.com/mrdirtypixels Outro graphics: Giddy Video http://vimeo.com/giddyvideo Special thanks to Hollywood Legend Productions who organised loads behind the scenes. Here's his site: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1240873 And thanks to you for reading this far. Here's a bonus Fortnite song for you: http://goo.gl/9wDz6s

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