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4.85K Views· 2018-09-10 Published Date· 159 Likes· 94 Comments

Right then you orrible lot this week on Burntwolf airsoft im going to be showing you how to make a Gas mask safe for air soft.In this video i will be focusing on the UK s10 gas mask used by the uk in the 80's and 90's its a cheap and easy to get hold of gas mask and you can pick one up for between £10 and £20 at any decent army surplus store. Gas masks are a awesome way to finish off a airsoft load out and are one of the few ways to make a load out look complete without face and eye pro ruining the effect. Sadly tho the Acrylic lenses that these masks come with are not safe for airsoft and you will have to replace them so that they dont crack when shot. The whole process is a simple one if a little fiddly the main thing your going to need is some replacement poly-carbonate lenses you can get two types that will make your gas mask safe Inner lenses,These are cheaper only costing £8 but require abit more faff. Theres a link below to a Ebay shop below for these https://www.aclca.co.uk/store/product/gas-mask-replacement-lenses-for- And then theres outers.Outers are abit more expensive,costing £24 but i recommend these as there much easier to install on your s10 gas mask.Theres another link below to the same Ebay seller that makes these to https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/S10-FM12-Gas-Mask-outsert-outer-rings-3D-Printed-and-polycarbona-lenses-/183009626961 If thise link has expired please type airsoft safe outsert outer rings into ebay once you've replaced the lenses,id recommend taking the filter material out of the mask this comes out easily but you will need to be careful and neat when cutting the filter open as your going to want to put these back together again. Once the inside of the filters removed simply put the top back on and attach with electrical tape. And there you have it,one airsoft safe and skirmish able gas mask!Now you can run around the airsoft field sweating buckets looking like a big scary gimp type person! Big thanks goes to Jordan for helping me make this video,his quite the expert on gas masks and has spent the last couple of years converting many gas masks to be airsoft safe.If you would like to see more air soft gas mask conversion guides please let me know in the comments and im sure Jordan can help me put together another guide.Heres a link to a Reddit article that goes into more depth that Jordan wrote https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/7kuent/using_respiratorsgas_masks_in_airsoft_guide_in/ For those that would like mesh lenses for the S10 theres also this link to follow //www.facebook.com/Heroshark/ As always thanks for watching,dont forget to like and subscribe for more airsoft tips tricks reviews and how to's. If you have a spare moment be sure to check us out on our face book page for all the latest news from Burntwolf airsoft https://www.facebook.com/Burntwolf-Airsoft-467870013402381/ For anyone wishing to support the channel through a small donation please follow this link to my pateron page or send us a message on our facebook page for one of our channel patches https://www.patreon.com/Burntwolfairsoft Any way back to whatever you where doing! AT EASE!

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