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15.25K Views· 2019-07-01 Published Date· 1.09K Likes· 227 Comments

Hi, my name is Harrie Voiges I am an intuitive tarot reader, healer and psychic tarot medium. My focus is on helping people to heal their lives. Tarot has been instrumental in healing my own life and that of my family and I would like to share this gift with anyone out there in need of healing and comfort. I am sorry for the video quality as the camera decided to play up a bit this morning. 1 - 1:00 2 - 19:40 3 - 36:14 4 - 52:59 WEBSITE https://voigesvision.wixsite.com/website Readings I currently offer: Private Readings ($40) This includes a 30 minute video, that will be send to you via email. I will be able to answer up to 3 questions in this reading. I will need to know your correct name, the names of other people involved and any questions you have. The more specific your questions are, the clearer the answers from spirit. The more general your questions, spirit will direct you to what is best for you. You will always be direct to the truth even if this is not what you are expecting to hear. All my readings include an aspect of healing; How you can move on from difficult situations and what you need to do to heal yourself. Past Life Readings ($60) This includes a video on: *Who you were in a past life. *How that life is affecting your current life. *What Karma are you carrying over from previous life times. *How you can move forward and heal yourself from this. *What talents you had in other lives that you can use now. Private Readings ($70) This includes an hour of live video chat. I will need your questions prior to the video chat so I can have your answers ready for you, this allows you more time during the session to ask additional questions or to clarify information Crystal Healing ($80) This reading focuses on healing yourself and your circumstances by using the power of crystals. Crystals are highly effective in healing illness, opening psychic abilities, protection, grounding, overcoming past and present life lessons, seeing and speaking truth and many more situations that need healing in your life. You will receive a video on what crystals are effective for you and a tarot reading on what part of your life to apply them to. As a healer I am highly connected to crystals and will be drawn to the ones that are most needed in your current circumstances. Crystals will be available for purchase if needed Connecting With Your Dead Loved Ones ($100) If you want to connect with your dead loved ones, please send me your questions and the name of the person you would like to connect with. This reading is very healing if you need answers to move forward or to tell them something that was left unsaid before they passed. You will receive a video to keep for your personal record and to refer back to. Services I provide are: Healing Tarot Readings Distant Energy Healing (Reiki) Energetic Cord Removal Entity Attachment Removal House Clearing Please feel free to contact me if you have specific areas in your life that need healing or if you are stuck moving forward to a happy fulfilled life. My email address is: harrievoiges@gmail.com. I thank the Universe, my angels and spirit guides for the opportunity to share this with you. Love and Light to all For all energy healing, house cleansing, cord and entity removal please contact my daughter Charlie charlievoiges@gmail.com For donations: https://paypal.me/HarrieVoiges

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