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200.14K Views· 2017-12-20 Published Date· 0 Likes· 45 Comments

how to make buttercream icing cake || beautiful cake decorating || cakelover -- MATERIAL REQUIRED - icing spatula\palette knife, turntable\revolving cake stand, icing cream,[for frosting you can take any flavors of cake vanilla, chocolate, rainbow etc. ], syrup, [ chopping of pineapple ,strawberry , mix fruits etc. inside the filling of cake], cherry, glaze, gel, garnish, spray color, etc. NOTE - [you can make any shape of cake by cutting it in like face of mickey mouse, guitar, car, any cartoon anything you like.] LETS START 1] cut the three layer of the cake 2] Dab a little icing with icing spatula\palette knife of frosting on the cake turntable\revolving cake stand before putting down the first cake layer. This will prevent the cake from sliding. 3] Place the first cake layer on the cake turntable \revolving cake stand spread some amount of water syrup and Spread the frosting with the use of icing spatula\palette knife on the first layer of the cake -NOTE [YOU CAN USE CHOPPED FRUITS INSIDE THIS FILLING LAYERS AND FOR CHOCOLATE CAKE RELATED YOU CAN MIX CHOCOLATE BY MELTING CHOCOLATE AND ADD IN THE CREAM PROPERLY AND FILL IT ISIDE THE LAYER AS WELL AS FROST WITH THAT CREAM AND YOU CAN ALSO PUT VERY SMALL PIECES OF CHOCOLATE INSDIE THE LAYERS OF CAKE FOR CHRUNCINESS.] 4] [DIRECTION OF FROSTING take a icing on icing spatula Frosting for the layer Put a FRESH CREAM of frosting on the center of the cake and, using the offset spatula, spread it to the edges of spatula. If you get crumbs in the frosting, simply scrape the dirty frosting off your spatula into a separate bowl] - AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. Place the second cake layer on top and press gently to make sure it sticks. Take a step back and check that it is level and centered and do it same as we did in the first layer syrup and icing frosting [NOTE TAKE CARE DO NOT OVERWET LAYER WITH SYRUP JUST MAKE YOUR CAKE GENTLY WET NOT WASHED] 5] Frost the sides of the cake in sections Think of the cake in quarters and tackle one quarter at a time, turning the cake stand as you go. Aim to get the cake covered with frosting first. 6] Smooth out the frosting or create any look you like Once the cake is frosted, you can go back and beautify. Smooth out the frosting or create swirls or other textures design your own cake. Remove any excess frosting. Gently pull away the strips of parchment paper to reveal your beautifully frosted cake. as shown the video. -- NOW YOU CAN USE gelatin sheet AND design your own cake - with the use of glaze | new gel you can color your cake in different colors -- how to make glaze | color gel - there is different ready mate glaze company product in the market or you can make take a gel and place it on the table as per your requirement and add some drop of edible color mix it properly and put it in the icing piping and spread it on cake as shown in the video -- HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE GLAZE take 100ml of milk and add one small dairy milk chocolate. milk should always more than chocolate so that it can easily spread on cake. [NOTE DONT USE OVER COLOR] your glaze cake is ready now how to decorate a cake -- put some icing cream in the vegetable parchment paper | butter paper called as piping and put your favorite nozzle in the piping first and put cream and cut the front portion of the piping so that use nozzle and design a cake -- MAKE SOME FLOWERS WITH ICING CREAM with the use of nozzle of flowers you can make flowers different shape of nozzles for different flowers what is garnish | garnish definition - cutting | making of chocolate in different shapes called garnish -- you can different garnishing as shown in the video -- THANKS FOR WATCHING CAKETUBE -- YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM - -- MOST VIEWED BEST CAKES FROM CAKETUBE -

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