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4.4K Views· 2019-03-08 Published Date· 105 Likes· 0 Comments If you wish to comment- please read the following first: If you appreciate or agree with these videos, please feel free to comment. If you don't, please read the following first: I have had dialogues with over 70 Mooji supporters, now, both in the comment sections of these videos and on FB, and they always end in the same way- the other person walking away, being unwilling to look at or talk about facts. And by facts, I am not talking the allegations against him, I am talking about very simple straightforward facts! Mooji supporters are part of a belief system- that goes something like this- 1) Mooji is an "enlightened master" 2) He can and will lead us to enlightenment. Once these two false beliefs are accepted, the person is part of a CLOSED belief system, in just the same way someone who believes the Bible is literally and perfectly true. Any evidence, even factual or scientific, will be discarded, with the only thing the person can do is go back to their fundamental false beliefs and proclaim them over and over- AND attack anyone or anything that challenges them. There is no difference between the Mooji movement and fundamentalism.... By closed, I mean, NOT OPEN! Certain fundamental errors have become a religion and that religion is defended at all costs, including being in denial of reality, common sense, and facts. SO. If you wish to criticize the videos I have made, 1) Watch the video, all the way through 2) Read ALL the comments posted under that video. 3) When you comment, please indicate 3 specific things you read from three different posts that you agreed with or disagreed with- most of the new comments people post have been dealt with. 4) Then post what SPECIFICALLY I said that you disagree with. Comments that don't follow the above will be deleted.

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