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1.37M Views· 2017-07-06 Published Date· 26.66K Likes· 1.9K Comments

Apparently saying straight white males are cool, will cost you the job at Buzzfeed. Totally joking and I have to say that so no one takes me too seriously. I have nothing against Buzzfeed. I still take the occasional quiz and watch the occasional "Try Guys" video, this video is merely me telling you my experience with the whole interview and job application process. So, I follow this twitter page that tweets every time there is a social media or digital media job that opens up. I saw an opening for a Video Intern for BuzzFeed Los Angeles. I clicked the link and saw about 20 openings for other jobs on the BuzzFeed site, so I thought why not? I make videos. Why not apply to become a video intern at BuzzFeed? I've definitely heard all the negative press BuzzFeed has been receiving lately all the way from race baiting to fake news, but this wasn't really a concern of mine because I didn't plan on making that kind of video if they were to hire me. From what I've read, you're pretty much free to make the kind of content you want as long as its not too far right. I planned on keeping it as non-political as possible. Now I've see all the "Why I Left BuzzFeed" videos, and what concerned me was how much I could be involved in creating other content for my own youtube channel and perhaps other brands. That was a problem I decided I would worry about later. I filled out an application, created a BuzzFeed styled video for them, and turned it in online. After about a month or so, I heard back from them again and did a video interview for them. This interview involved no humans. I sat in front of a webcam and answered pre-set questions within a timed limit. After that, I moved on to the next round for an in person interview, where I faced 5 BuzzFeed employees who would grill me about my internet knowledge. I think I did okay answering question after question, until they asked the one that would lead to my ultimate rejection. Find me Here: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DesigningDonna Twitter: https://twitter.com/designingdonna Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psychirl/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PsychIRL/

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