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  • Tech Satire
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    Tech Satire
    • redmi note 7 vs note 6 pro
    • Jio
    • Smartphone Awards 2018
    • 453.56KSubscribes
    • 762Videos
    • 22.32MViews

    நம் யூடியூப் சேனல். உங்களின் ஆதரவே நமது பலம்! Tech Satire is a YouTube channel that was initially... started with a motive to share all the Technology related news with everyone. We bring our best... Tricks, Computer \u0026 Laptop related news, Technology Explanations and also we run a series named... as Tamil Tech News which summarizes all the tech happenings around the world on that particular day

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  • Faking News
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    Faking News
    • office
    • Akshay Kumar
    • deepika ranveer wedding
    • 116.38KSubscribes
    • 95Videos
    • 6.81MViews

    Faking News is the leading Indian news satire and humor website. It contains cutting edge satire... on political and social scenario of India. The website publishes fake news reports with incisive sarcasm, satire and humor.

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  • Comedy & Satire im Ersten
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    Comedy & Satire im Ersten
    • Lisa Eckhart
    • Ingmar Stadelmann
    • Torsten Sträter
    • 85.55KSubscribes
    • 151Videos
    • 14.27MViews

    Herzlich willkommen im offiziellen \"Comedy und Satire\"-Kanal des Ersten Deutschen Fernsehen. Wir

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  • Majestic Satire
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    Majestic Satire
    • savage no u girl
    • savage girl saying things
    • no u girl
    • 125Subscribes
    • 170Videos
    • 25.02KViews

    Twitch: I do random stuff on here lol Subscriber Milestones: 50 Subz = Sometime between June 1st 2018 and June 23rd 2018. 60 Subz = August 22nd 2018 69 Subz = August 31st 2018 70 and 72 subs = September 1st 2018

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  • Siyatha News
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    Siyatha News
    • siyatha tv
    • siyatha news 6pm
    • siyatha news
    • 12.03KSubscribes
    • 1,200Videos
    • 1.99MViews

    SIyatha Morning News - 6.00am | Siyatha Midday News - 12 Noon | Siyatha Evening News - 6.00pm | Siyatha Prime time News - 7.30pm

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