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  • underwater
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedunderwater
    • starfish vs
    • whale rescue
    • saturation diving
    • 2.06KSubscribers
    • 33Videos
    • 1.45MViews

    We present the underwater world and offer you the experiences and advices of people, who work... love underwater life and want to share you all this. We hope you'll become a member of our family

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  • Carla Underwater
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedCarla Underwater
    • CArla underwater swimmer
    • carla underwater new video
    • Alex underwater
    • 479.41KSubscribers
    • 134Videos
    • 305.63MViews

    Some simple movies of our little girl Carla swimming underwater and our vacations. Nothing serious... just entertaining for us. Hope that this will help your child to go underwater or to swim easier.

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    Influencer’s URL has been copiedCHASING UNDERWATER DRONES
    • Submarine drone
    • Drone swims
    • Ocean sports
    • 590Subscribers
    • 58Videos
    • 90.58KViews

    Advancing its mission to equip humanity in exploring Earth’s last frontier. Chasing Underwater... drones allow you to explore the underwater world in crystal clear 4k HD video, conduct search... underwater drones for diving around reefs, treasure hunting, and fun at any lake or ocean area. Please feel free to reach us at ***

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  • Global Underwater Explorers
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedGlobal Underwater Explorers
    • global underwater Explorers
    • bomb
    • Exley
    • 5.62KSubscribers
    • 73Videos
    • 499.08KViews

    Global Underwater Explorers emerged out of a shared desire to safely explore and protect... the underwater world and to improve the quality of education and research in all things aquatic. In line..., and knowledgeable divers Undertaking and promoting underwater research Pursuing global underwater... exploration Safeguarding the integrity of the underwater world Providing the public with a comprehensive... resource on all things aquatic. Working to redefine the ties binding the average underwater enthusiast

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  • Underwater Ireland / Подводная Ирландия
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedUnderwater Ireland / Подводная Ирландия
    • softbait
    • peacock
    • golf
    • 168.83KSubscribers
    • 884Videos
    • 109.88MViews

    to contact[at] or contact me on facebook - If you would like to support ‘Underwater Ireland’ please follow this link - продукции пишите на contact[at] или через

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  • Underwater Domain
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedUnderwater Domain
    • lemon sharks
    • feeding behavior
    • healing forces
    • 5.71KSubscribers
    • 98Videos
    • 5.95MViews

    Underwater Domain by Ramon F. Llaneza a Scientific & Technical Diver; Rebreather and Technical... Diving Instructor IANTD and CMAS (World Underwater Federation). Degree in Marine Biology, Aquatic... diving, deep underwater search and recovery, rescue diving, shark behaviorist. Promoting ocean

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  • Daydream Pictures Underwater videos
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedDaydream Pictures Underwater videos
    • Horse
    • Videogaphy
    • High
    • 2.46KSubscribers
    • 25Videos
    • 1.25MViews

    The Leading Koh Tao, HD Underwater Video Production, Stock Footage, Videography Courses & Internships based in the Gulf of Thailand Established 2001.

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  • Newark UnderWater Rugby
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedNewark UnderWater Rugby
    • USA
    • Newark
    • UW RUGBY
    • 82Subscribers
    • 53Videos
    • 11.76KViews

    Newark UnderWater Rugby Underwater rugby Created in 2015 to help push the UWR and UWH in the city of Newark.

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  • UnderWater Rugby Graz
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedUnderWater Rugby Graz
    • 45Subscribers
    • 73Videos
    • 13.14KViews

    Official channel of the Underwater Rugby Team STC Graz

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  • Role Playing Game (Underwater)
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedRole Playing Game (Underwater)
    • Entropia Universe
    • Hack & SLASH RPG
    • 格来云游戏
    • 307Subscribers
    • 189Videos
    • 196.23KViews

    Allows to breathe underwater in Role Playing Games to use Super Not Drowning/Drowning Skills... for favorite anime character for new underwater. in other genre games: only for Action and Adventure only.

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