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Hatching eggs under a broody hen leaves all the hard work to the chicken
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Once your hen shows signs of brooding and has collected the eggs you plan to hatch (or received fertile hatchling eggs if you ordered them online or found them from a local breeder), place the fertilized eggs under them and remove any "pseudo eggs" you were letting them sit on in Meanwhile.

Be sure to mark the eggs you plan to hatch with a pencil or Sharpie so you know which eggs they are.

A standard-sized hen can comfortably sit on 12-14 eggs. While you're assembling your "clutch," store the fertilized eggs with the pointed end down in a cool place like a basement or garage and turn them over several times a day until you've collected enough.

The eggs will generally remain hatchable for 7-10 days after being laid if stored properly, but will not begin to develop into chicks until they have been warmed under the hen for an extended period of time. You must lay all the eggs under the broody hen at the same time so that they hatch together.