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Minecraft Timelapse: Lake House #Shorts
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How to build a Lake House in Minecraft? With our Minecraft Timelapse, we got you with a covered with a easy Lake House for you! If you need some minecraft ideas for a Lake House, then this video might be a good choice for you.

Maybe, you also like these types of videos because they're satisfying to watch.

This #shorts video has been created at a build contest to the topic "Lake House" on the 10th October, 2021. What you're seeing in this video has been built by the player Abwasserrohr on our server.

If you want, you can join us and participate on the build contests, which are going on every sunday at 2 PM UTC+2. Got any ideas for future build contest topics? Feel free to let us know in the comments!


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Joy To The World (Let There Be Peace) by Joshua Spacht

- Minecraft Java
- Fabric
- ReplayMod
- Optifine
- Optifabric
- Complementary Shaders
- Spigot
- Shotcut

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