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Mahogany new shopping Mall in Mauritius
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Mahogany shopping promenade is a new mall in the North of Mauritius. It is full of great design elements, a host of shopping, and a huge food court. When it's fully up and running it is going to be a must-visit, especially at sunset over the lake.

Situated off the M2 between Port Louis and Grand Baie, in the Beau Plan estate, near Pamplemousses, it is going to be a busy place in the afternoons. Curving around the lake with the picture-perfect views from almost everywhere is going to make you take out your phone and take a selfie. The designer has to be commended for this triumph of design. Truly beautiful.

We went on opening day, so there were a few teething problems, like KFC still painting, and a few shop windows with "coming soon'" signs, but overall an experience. I met a mime and he gave me some vouchers for some of the shops. The acrobats flipping and turning were great to watch.

It was really busy, and I think Intermart is going to be happy with the day. There is a lot of parking, check around the back for more.

Please let me know what the lanterns in the lake are all about.


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