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Ice Swim Race, Do you cry? My 54-year old body, mystery kitchen object
Diane in Denmark
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Hygge Living and Lifestyle Chat! Do you cry? My first Ice Swimming Competition of 2022 and can you guess the mystery kitchen object (from Scotland)? Let's hygge! You can find my friend Dani's sister-in-law's very hygge etsy shop here!

I'm Diane in Denmark! A routines coach and hygge expert - here to bring a little bright spot to your day! You can support me by subscribing and liking this video! Need more help? Book a private coaching session with me!

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00:00 Hygge life chat!
00:45 Do you cry?
02:30 Dressing Your Truth types
03:00 Ice Swimming challenges
08:00 Getting out of your comfort zone
09:00 My body after menopause, what I eat
10:50 Menu plan on my blog
10:55 Mystery (Scottish) kitchen object
15:10 A spurtle!
15:15 Danish Ice Swimming Challenge January 2022, Skovshoved Harbour
16:55 Monica's favourite Christmas gift, Bluetits flipflops painted by her daughter
17:38 My Ice Swimming race, filmed by my friend Erika
18:50 My Ice Swimming race, underwater, filmed with my GoPro camera
20:40 Sarah's shortbread penguins
21:50 May the Danish hygge be with you!

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