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Coconut Shell Jet Flame!! INDIAN JUNGLE FOOD in Kozhikode! | Kerala, India!
Mark Wiens
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KOZHIKODE, INDIA - In this Kerala Indian food videos series, we continued eating our way through Kozhikode, a city and area of Kerala, known for its food. Ebbin took us to a restaurant serving home-style (homely) food in the jungle. #Kozhikode #Kerala #India #IndianFood

One of the main unique things that Uncle cooks here is a rice flour pancake, fried on a clay pan, over fire - but the unique part about the fire, is that he only uses coconut shells - not coconut husks, but coconut shells. The shells give off a jet flame of heat, which really gives the fire a boost so that it ignites and hisses as he fires each of the pancakes.

In addition to these unique Kerala Indian pancakes, they also made a mix of cassava and a variety of different beans and coconut, to also be eaten as a staple. And we also had a chance to watch as they made another astoundingly delicious fish fry, and a fish curry.

After having a few cups of chai and a few rice flour pancakes, we then had our full meal - fish fry, fish curry, cassava mash, and the pancakes.

Eating on a banana leaf, in the jungle of Kerala, with great friends, and amazing hosts, made the experience even better. A jungle paradise in Kerala, India!

Total price - 460 INR ($6.45) for everything (6 people)

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