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🌈BL漫畫 Anime动态漫 | I GOT YOU 逆袭之好孕人生 S2E24 柜中两人即将被发现! GONNA BE CAUGHT!(Original/Eng sub)
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*English version manga
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🌈BL漫畫 Anime动态漫 | I GOT YOU 逆袭之好孕人生 S2E24 柜中两人即将被发现! GONNA BE CAUGHT!(Original/Eng sub)
What's the experience of having a rival in love who is good at playing? His love was taken, his relatives died distressingly, his property was taken, and he was jailed ... He thought it should be the end, but before he was released from prison, he... Then, he returns back, enriches himself and doesn't forget to kick the villain's ass.
有一个白莲花属性的情敌是什么体验?爱人被夺,亲人惨死,家业被占,锒铛入狱…… 他以为霉运总该到了尽头,可在出狱前夜跟某人...... 出狱后他重新回来,带着包子发家致富,小日子过得风生水起也不忘好好收拾反派和手撕白莲。

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