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The At Home Birth of Our First Baby | Natural Water Birth
Chelsea and Nick
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The most surreal day of our lives. We can't believe we are parents to this baby boy. We love you Hudson!!

When we found out we were pregnant:

Song: “Son” by Sleeping Atlas

Monday, July 12 - Doula Notes
6:30am: You texted that you had pooped three times. You were having contractions (ctx) that started in your lower pelvis and wrapped around your lower back. They had woken you up at 4:30am. Your back was achy in between. You began timing at 5am. They were all about a minute long but varying in frequency between 5-10min. I encouraged to stop timing them and just see where they take you.
7:30am: You said you couldn’t ignore them and that they were getting stronger. Nick was headed to Target to get some thing (including your birth outfit). You were mostly on your knees near the bed.
9:30: Called to see if I should come. I headed over.
10am: You said, “If we’re gonna do this, let’s do it fast.” You were standing and moving your hips really well during ctx. Nick made some granola for you. You ate some of it over the next hour.
10:42: I heated up a rice sock for your back. You said, “I feel him moving down.” You were a little shaky.
11am: Nick massaging your back and hips. I gave him some arnica oil to use and showed him how to try the double-hip squeeze during ctx. You were chewing your gum hard during ctx. You said, “I feel very relaxed right now.”
11:15am: You asked, “When did I become a ballet dancer?” I had been wondering if you had been because of the way you were moving during ctx. I put you in the tub. You put on “Island Music” and it kicked off with Harry Belafonte “Jump in The Line.” You said, “After a ctx, there’s a release that makes me feel woozy, drunk.”
Nick was making monkey bread.
You said, “Gosh, I hope this happens today.”
11:50am: You felt like you needed to poop.
12:40pm: You had some food in the tub. You asked Nick to pray. You felt nauseous.
1pm: I had you move to a side-lying position which you hated. I asked you to stay there for 5 ctx. You ended up staying there longer.
1:05pm: You said to Nick, “Baby, be glad you don’t have to do this.” You started crying. Your inner thighs were shaking.
1:30pm: Still shaking. And hot. I gave Nick a fan and I had you smell some Valor. You’re still side-lying. Said, “I wish I could take a nap.” You needed to hold Nick’s hand during ctx and you needed that fan.
1:50pm: “I hope I don’t poop the couch.” Nick replied, “We’ll just buy a new couch.” You said, “Kiss me.” And then “Kiss me again. It helps.”
2:05: Still side-lying. You felt a trickle of water and wondered if your water broke. You went to the bathroom. I checked the pad you were lying on and it was just a tiny bit of fluid. So who knows?
2:15: Janelle arrived.
2:20: Another wardrobe change. We kept cycling towels and clothes in the dryer. Back in the tub
2:37: After a ctx, you said, “I just remembered that after I met you, I had a dream I was in labor at my house.”
3pm: Nick, “Those endorphins have you looking like you just stumbled out of a bar.”
3:20: Out of the tub so Janelle could check you. 8cm/100% effaced/-1 station with a bulging bag of water. You headed to the toilet.
3:43: Side-lying again. Nick realized there was no champagne so I ran to the closest store to get some. They had a great bottle chilling. The woman who worked there was excited about the occasion but wanted to tell me her own three birth stories…no time for that. You were back in the tub when I returned.
4:18: First pushing sounds
4:30: Smooching again
4:34: Water broke, clear fluid.
5:20: Janelle said you could reach down and feel him
5:49: Head out
5:53: Birth
Song: “Give Me All” by Sammy Johnson
C: “How do people not believe in God?”
“Look at his bum!” “Look at him. He’s so hairy!” “That was so worth it, Little Buddy!”
6:02: We got you to the bed
6:08: Placenta
6:20: Face-timing with family
6:28: Cord cut
Nick started making chicken alfredo for dinner.
No tear.
8pm: Skin to skin with Nick
7lbs, 14oz, 20.5 inch length, 14 inch head, 14.5 inch chest.
8:20: Vitamin K
8:30: Champagne and dinner in bed


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