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Homeowner STUNNED at How WIDE the Sidewalks Are (Part 1) - FREE OVERGROWN Lawn Mowing and Edging
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Today you will see me tackle one of the most overgrown lawns that I have worked on.

I was mowing for an elderly man across the street (future video) when I saw this house and how overgrown the grass was. As I was finishing up, I flagged down the homeowner when they were walking to their car. We got to talking and I asked them if I could mow and edge their yard for FREE. Little did I know this would take me 3 full evenings…

This is some of the most overgrown grass that I have seen. As I was edging it, I was peeling parts of turf off that were almost 100 lbs! As you will notice, I got into a process to cut back the edges.

This process includes:

1. Cutting down the tall grass around the edges with the trimmer - This time, I used my residential grade Echo SRM 225. As you can see, it did really well for me and provided all the power that I needed. I chose to use this because it was REALLY hot and it is the lightest trimmer I have.

2. Defining the edge with the metal blade stick edger - For this, I used my residential grade Echo PE-225. This edger is awesome and super light weight. There are times where I could use a little bit more power, but after this job, I couldn’t be happier with it.

3. Scraping the grass and turf off the cement with my garden shovel - This part is by far the most tiring as I am picking up heavy dirt and grass over and over. However, this is a necessary step because I can’t run my mower over these turf strips to suck them into the bag.

4. Blow away the remaining dirt and debris - I used my commercial grade Echo PB-9010T for this. It was the MVP of this job. Without its power, it may have taken me an extra day or two to complete this.

After about 8 hours of work over 2 evenings, I finally revealed the entire sidewalk. I had around 10 bags filled with dirt and grass. Each bag was so heavy that I couldn’t pick it up and had to drag it back to the curb.

The 3rd evening is when I was finally able to trim and mow the tall grass down.

This transformation is one of the most labor intensive I have ever done, but the results are worth it!

The homeowner was absolutely shocked at how the lawn looked. They kept telling me how they never knew they had that much sidewalk. I am so happy that I could help get their lawn looking as it should and it will make their lives easier when mowing in the future. Doing this made my heart happy and I was glad that I was able to help someone out. I hope to do more of these overgrown lawn makeover videos soon and spread some good in the world (especially now because we really need it).

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0:00 - Intro
00:14 - Cutting Back Overgrown Edges
01:17 - Satisfying Turf Removal
05:08 - Corner Cleanup
06:19 - Edging Walkway
08:00 - Uncovering the LONG Sidewalk


🧰 Tools and Equipment I use in this video that I HIGHLY Recommend:

➡️ Commercial Trash Can -

➡️ Edger Blades (25 Pack) -

➡️ Husqvarna Titanium Force Trimmer Line (.095) -

➡️ Opti2 Two Stroke Oil -

➡️ Cat Waterproof Work Boots -

➡️ NoSpill Gas Can (Best for trimmers and edgers) -

➡️ SureCan (Best for Mowers) -

For large equipment such as mowers, I recommend getting these from a local dealer.


📷 My Recording Equipment:

➡️ DJI Osmo Action -

➡️ DJI Osmo Extra Batteries -

➡️ Tripod -

➡️ Macbook Pro 13" M1 -

Email for Business Inquiries - [email protected]

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