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리얼먹방:) 꾸덕꾸덕 "로제신라면" (ft.김밥,에그타르트) ★ 실패 없는 레시피!!ㅣRose ShinramyunㅣREAL SOUNDㅣASMR MUKBANGㅣ
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신라면  ​1개
고추장  ​5g (1/2t)
비엔나소시지 ​40g (5개)

1. 양파는 씻어 결대로 0.5cm 두께로 썰어주세요.
2. 지름이 30cm 정도 되는 볶음용 프라이팬에 분량의 우유와 고추장을 넣고 잘 섞은 후 끓여주세요.
- 우유가 끓어넘칠 수 있으니 작은 냄비보다는 넓은 프라이팬에 조리해주세요.
3. 2가 끓으면 면, 분말스프, 후레이크, 양파, 비엔나소시지를 넣고 4분 30초간 끓여줘요.
- 기호에 따라 체다치즈, 파마산

※ Ingredients ※
Shinramyun (1ea)
Milk (450~550ml)
Red pepper paste (5g (1/2t))
Vienna Sausage (40g (5ea))
Onion (40g)
※ How to cook ※
1. After washing an onion, slice it (0.5cm) and lightly carve Vienna sausages
2. Bring a wide pot, then add the milk.
3. Put red pepper paste, mix it well and boil.  
* To prevent milk from overflowing, it is better to use wide pot rather than a small one.
4. When it starts to boil, add Shinramyun noodles, Shinramyun powder soup, flakes, sliced onions, and Vienna sausages.
5. Then, boil it for another 4.5 minutes
* You can add cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese depending on your preference.
6. Transfer it to a serving plate and ENJOY! 😊

★Today's menu is Creamy "Rose Shinramyun" (ft.Kimbap, Egg Tart)★

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