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General information

NoxInfluencer offers a one-day free trial for professional membership. Please fill this Google form.  We will configure your membership status in 1-3 workdays and you will be informed with a mail.

NoxInfluencer is a statistics website tool that allows you to track Youtube channel statistics and measure channel growth on Youtube. We get the YouTube statistics from YouTube API. We welcome everyone to join and use our platform for free! Our platform support nine languages, such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese,  Thai, Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese. We are always in the process of improvement, and soon we will add other languages too.

If you are YouTube everyday user, go to NoxInfluencer, where you can find everything about YouTubers and channels

If you are YouTuber, join us an Influencer and work with hundreds of brands and agencies and get sponsored cooperation. Earn money and get hired today!

If you are looking for influencers, join as a BRAND & AGENCIES. Free to find ideal audiences for your products. Over 2M influencers are ready to work with you. Start a campaign today!

Please read the introduction of the tools down below.

Best YouTube top lists will keep you always stay ahead.

We provide daily / weekly / monthly ranking of Top YouTube channels by different categories and countries. It can’t be easier to find a YouTube channel with the fastest growing, which channel has been more unsubscribed or others you might be interested.

You can find the most viewed and best video performance on YouTube. Find top videos you like in any Country or Category. Bookmark NoxInfluencer YouTube Video Rank, you’ll never miss anything about trends.

How Channel Tools can help?

YouTuber Search

Enter in a channel name or keywords on Youtube you want to track. For example, PewDiePie or T-Series etc. 

Secondly, you can use the filter as you prefer, by Category, Subscribers, CountryEst. Exposure, Last published date. We support multiple choice, don’t you think it’s much convenient even than YouTube, lol.

YouTube Channel Calculator

Channel calculator comes to provide you with the overview about a channel, just put the channel URL in the search box, and it will show you the channel’s statistic, including total subscribers, total video views and estimate of the channel value.

YouTube Channels compare

Enter two or three channels, for ex., compare Top 3 subs YouTubers’ data to see their statistics & analytics, how similar they are, which channel has the better potential show a comparison of 5 attributes below:
Sub & channel growth: include channel subscribers, world channel rank, average daily subscribers, total video views, average daily views, channel history data graph(show by subs or views in recent 1 year), channel ranking performance graph(in last 1 year)
Video updated frequency: Video upload frequency in the past 30 days.
Video performance: Statistic of video rendering quality in recent 3 months.
Interaction rate: Average interaction of the audience each video.
Social media abundance: Number of social media channel has linked to.

YouTube Realtime Subscriber Count

Allow you to check YouTube subscriber count in real time. It updates every second.
Put the channel name or URL into the search box and see the live count.

YouTube Video Analytics

The tool will help you calculate the estimated earnings from any YouTube channel easily. It based on your video view count, engagement rate and other factors. Just put the channel/video URL  in the search box, and it will show you video analytics report.

YouTube Video Tracker

This tool will help brands/companies always be in the know with their cooperations on YouTube. All you need it to create your video tracking task.

Whether you have cooperated with influencers, or you have updating content. You can efficiently manage them on our platform. Everything is in your control.

We’ll help you collect content performance for 30 days and up to 180 days’ status monitoring once you’ve created the task. You will always be the first one to know.

Beautiful data reports can be used directly for your next presentations. You are also welcome to enjoy data export and report sharing freely.

NoxInfluencer is a YouTube analytics tool that allows you to search and view any YouTube channel statistics such as YouTube rankings, YouTuber earnings, and YouTube live subscriber count.
But YouTube has over 20 million channels out there and the number of channels that we can crawl in a day is limited. So sometimes you may not find the YouTube channel you want, and it returns the following result. Maybe the channel you search is a new YouTube channel or a less active YouTube channel and we haven’t crawled it.

To add the YouTube channel on NonInfluencer, You can enter the YouTube channel URL as the picture shows below and click “submit”. Usually, it takes 2 days to include the YouTube channel on NoxInfluencer. After that, you can view the YouTube channel statistics.

Add YouTube channel on YouTube analytics tool NoxInfluencer

If you can’t still add the YouTube channel successfully, please send email to [email protected] We’re here to help.

If you want to join us as an Influencer, there is some information for you down below.

NoxInfluencer allows influencers to sign up with YouTube (Facebook / Twitter will supported soon) channels. It’s easy to connect with your social channels and start.

Some tips for you:

1. You can only connect one account per each social channel. For example, you could have one YouTube account to link your NoxInfluencer account.

2. Nox encourage influencers to fill in other social channels when you finish sign up. More channels may bring you more attention.

We have two types of campaigns now. One is NoxInfluencer official campaign, and all the influencers can apply it. The other one is created by brand for influencers who have over 5,000 subscribers to ask for cooperation. 

Bid fees and budget:

Bid fees are how much you want to charge a brand for the content you create. Budget means how much a brand want to pay for the content. That might be a scope. Your bid fees could be higher or lower than a brand’s budget. Just remember that always bid appropriately to your channel size or the effect of your content.

Proposal Deadlines:

Brands will set deadlines when they create campaigns. You could bid and try to get the proposal before it expired. And finish contents on time.

Brands could see the following information about your YouTube channel:

  • Subscriber Count
  • Average Number of Views
  • Audience Area
  • Category of Your Content
  • Active Platform

When your proposal accepts by brand, an acceptance email will send to you. You need to negotiate with the brands about the proper terms of payment. Then you can start your creation!

A brand is finding the right influencer

All about fit. It’s essential for a brand to find reasonable influencers to create content. For example, if a brand wants to promote a new mobile game, he is more likely to choose a Game Channel Influencer, not a Makeup Blogger. The cosmetics company will choose Makeup Bloggers to popularise their new lipstick, not a Game Channel Influencer as well.

Your bid fees

Think more when you prepare to bid. It could be flexible and reasonable. Such as subscription number, daily CPV for a brand (Cost per View), quality of your content (It will take more time and energy to create high-quality content) etc.

Suitable delivery time

You could manage your time and make proper content delivery time for both brands and yourself.

Introduce more about your advantages

A successful proposal will always include more benefits or services you will provide. Such as your plan for creating content, channels of communication, your audience etc.

When you prepare to start your content, we suggest you click Start Creating Content button. You should click upload Preview YouTube Content after upload content on YouTube. After brands approved the content, you could release the content and complete cooperation!

We wish each influencer get paid quicker than other platforms in the business.

Before you start, we suggest you fill in Your Payment Info in “My Wallet” (PayPal is available now. We will support more payout options soon). You are free to negotiate with the brands about the proper terms of payment.


Here are some other tips about PayPal:

  • Please make sure that PayPal email address you filled in is correct.
  • We will settle in US dollar currency.
  • PayPal transaction and withdrawal fees apply and more details about fees at
  • You could change your PayPal email address in your Nox account at any time.
Any US influencer using NoxInfluencer that makes over $600 throughout a calendar year will be required to fill out a W-9 form. Other international influencers are no need to fill out a W-9 but will have to declare they are not a US citizen during the Payment Info process.

Please note: NoxInfluencer does not withhold any taxes from funds received on Nox. Please consult a tax professional for advice and tax obligations.

What is a W-9? 

NoxInfluencer is required by law to report any payments made over $600 throughout a calendar year to the IRS. As such, all US influencers who make over $600 on Nox are required to fill out a W-9. The W-9 collects necessary information such as Name, Address and Social Security number of the persons who received payment.

What is 1099?

1099 is the tax form that will send you that will give you details on how much you paid throughout the year from Nox. 1099’s are sent out by the end of January. Please note this form is only sent to US taxpayers.
NoxInfluencer does not give any tax advice. Please consult a tax professional for advice.

The data on Noxinfluencer is estimated by data algorithm according to the similar types of influencers in the same region. So the actual data may have some deviation. All information is for referance only.

To get the actual data, please contact the influencer directly. If influencers wanna delete or change the information of your channel, please authorize us to update the data.Any quesiton, please contact us. [email protected]

The data provided by Noxinfluencer is public, and some of the data are predicted according to the big data algorithm. All information is for referance only.

If there is any violation of users’ privacy,please contact us to delete the data.