Frequently Asked Questions for NoxInfluencer

From Influencer/creator Users

NoxInfluencer is a comprehensive influencer marketing software for Social Media Analytics, Influencer Discovery and Outreach, Influencer Relationship Management, and Campaign Running. It serves millions of global marketers, from giant brands to small agencies or individuals.

With a mission of influencer marketing made easier, NoxInfluencer streamlines the whole workflow of influencer marketing for both sides, brands and influencers. 

Please go to NoxInfluencer Help Center or NoxInfluencer TuTorial to learn everything about NoxInfluencer features.

If you can’t find your social media channels on NoxInfluencer through discovery feature, we allow creators to upload their social profile on to our site by submitting their channel urls through a gate at the bottom left of search box section.

Usually, it takes less than 24 hours to make it accessible on NoxInfluencer. Users can also contact [email protected] to ask extra help if uploading doesn’t work.

Usually, social creators will find their own channel profiles on NoxInfluencer under “unverified” status, which indicates that the profile hasn’t been claimed by channel owners.

When creators successfully claim their profile, they will: 

  • get updated daily regarding their profile stats
  • get recommended with high-return sponsorships (collaboration offers).
  • be eligible to apply for sponsorships.
If you are a creator and want to claim your profile on NoxInfluencer to apply for collaboration offer, please sign up through YouTube account. After join NoxInfluencer, go settings to claim your own channel.
Only YouTube profile claiming is accessible for now. 

All data on NoxInfluencer are from public source and estimated by AI algorithm. Estimated ones may have some deviation from real data, such as audience demographics, pricings, etc.

If any creators want their information and stats to be removed, please contact [email protected]