TAKE IT: Your Elementary Guide of Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing Exactly?

Before social media gained a strong foothold on the internet, it would be extremely hard for businesses to find a suitable vendor who can efficiently maximize their influence on customers. Over the past decade, with the rapid development of social media, like YouTube and TikTok with expansive users, influencer marketing, as a new way of advertising, has completely disrupted the traditional marketing paradigm. For example, the world’s most popular Instagram post could be worth more than £250,000, if sponsored, according to a leading influencer marketing platform.

NoxInfluencer, as a world-leading AI-powered influencer marketing platform, features comprehensive influencer stats analytic tools and all-around marketing service, guaranteeing safe and high-returning influencer marketing campaigns. In this article, NoxInfluencer will make an elementary guidebook for all newcomers to the influencer marketing field.

With a striving group of content creators, social media, influencer marketing platforms, influencer marketing is making its way into the integrated marketing communication plans of many brands, from mega to micro. Other than big-name celebrity endorsement, brands are also engaging with YouTubers with similar demographic which is closer to the brand’s target audiences. The difference is that influencers can be anywhere and anyone and is perceived to be more authentic and relevant in their sharing.

Why Does Influencer Marketing Matter?

Influencer marketing is an essential approach to marketing in the digital era. Compared with those traditional marketing methods, marketers need to consider the uniqueness and differences of the influencer marketing campaigns, holding that influencer marketing campaign targets more directly to the customers and potential customers. Therefore, the campaign method will be more influential to the sales and value of the brand.

Boosts brand awareness

Influencer marketing builds your brand, which should be the cornerstones of your business. Brand awareness can affect how your target audience perceives your business and bring you profits.

Makes your business more competitive

A good influencer can show your target audience why you are the better choice by distinguishing you from similar brands. A successful collaboration with YouTubers and Instagrammers makes your business memorable across multiple platforms. Furthermore, influencer marketing can be the most convincing factor when customers need to decide between two or more products.

Inspires loyalty

After you have won over new customers, influencer marketing can also strengthen the relationship between the products and your customers. This inspires loyalty which turns influencers into brand ambassadors who advocate your products. In other words, creating successful influencer marketing help your business to get an identity that fosters a more intimate connection between your brand and the customers.

A win-win situation for both companies and customers

Some customers are more lucrative for a product than others who buy high-margin products and add-ons. In some cases, influencer marketing costs customers less than the previous shopping experience.

For companies, influencer marketing is also a cheap marketing strategy than running ads in various places. According to a survey from Influencer Marketing Hub, influencer marketing attracts high-quality customers. What’s more, the quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns is better than other marketing types.

How To Carry Out A Successful Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a tool not to be ignored, but brands need to dwell deeper into this marketing strategy. The following are four essential steps to carry out successful influencer marketing.

Identify your target market

Researching your target audience should be your first step. In order to target more directly your existing customers and prospective customers, you need to make them identify and connect with your brand. Your purpose of business helps you convey to your target audience before creating a trustworthy brand. Influencer marketing should incorporate why your business was created in the first place and why your target audience should pay attention to you.

Define your value

If you do not define who you are as a business, the whole influencer marketing process will be disorganized. By focusing on your company’s values and the perks that it can offer, you can ensure that your brand is unique. What’s more, it will also make it clear to your customers why they should pick you over your competitors. Brands need to not only track their own influencers but also influencers of their competitors who are vocal about the conversation in the industry.

Find the right influencers

Influencer marketing is not like celebrity endorsement where you find someone with a huge following and pay them to talk about your brand. Influencer marketing is as much marketing to your influencers as it is to their followers. You want the influencers to be genuine brand ambassadors who will share on a personal level and spread the word beyond official transactional relationships for a specific campaign. In this aspect, identifying potential influencers who have already become your brand’s customers would be a good start. Cultivate them to be your long-term brand advocates rather than looking at them as a one-off transactional relationship to reach your short-term marketing objective. Checking an influencers brand promotion experience is the most direct standard to decide if the influencer is a right brand ambassador.

Improve the performance of influencer marketing

When measuring YouTubers to seek a right partners, quantity factors such as the number of thumbs-up and views are just superficial ones. Even though getting an influencer with a huge following will increase brand awareness in split seconds, the effect is usually short-lived. Furthermore, brands should take note to spot influencers with fake followers. Thus, it is important for brands to have professional influencer marketing platforms, specialist influencer analytic tools to find a right influencers. And using the right marketing analytic tools to optimize marketing performance is also crucial. Brands should strategize to allow influencers to share more deeply about their experience with the brand. To maximize the impact of influencer marketing, move from transactional to a long-term relationship with your influencers.


It is critical to bear in mind the importance of having an influencer-marketing plan is integrated with your overall brand communication strategy to build your social brand intangible asset in the long-run.

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