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Cyan - Fortnite - Br and Pve
Joined YouTube on: 2014-12-08Area: United Kingdom  Language: English 
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1,721,608th  (Top 19.9%)
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36,709th  (Top 35.2%)
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$ 48.5  (Monthly)
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$ 3.55  (Each Video)
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102.71K Views· 2018-12-25 Published Date· 620 Likes· 143 Comments

im Cyan This video is a challenge Fortnite Battle Royale credit - *New* Season 7 Information (Battle Pass Information), New *Official* Rocket Launch Date, Finally Unlocking The *new* Skin (Tier 100 Reward), Week 8 *FULL* Challenge Guide, \"Search Between A Bear, Crater, And A Refrigerator Shipment\" Challenge Tutorial, Going On A Date In Fortnite *NERVOUS*, New TV Warning Sign Meaning *Full Explanation*,WEEK 7 CHALLENGES GUIDE! | Treasure Map, Soccer Pitch Locations & More, \"Score A Goal On Different Pitches\" Challenge Tutorial! (All Locations), \"Search Chests In Risky Reels\" Challenge Tutorial! (All Chests Locations), \"Follow The Treasure Map Found In Pleasant Park\" Challenge Tutorial, New \"Wingman\" Starter Pack Gameplay (And What It Contains), How To Get A *FREE* Skin In Fortnite, *New* season 7 Blockbuster Battle Star Location (Epic Changed It), New *LEAKED* Skins & Items Coming Soon (With Rarities), *New* Leaked Emotes Coming Soon *WITH GAMEPLAY*, NEW Fortnite SEASON 7 STORYLINE SOLVEDBlockbuster Skin Info, New Gifting System Coming Soon *LEAKED*, Fortnite is Ruining Their Game \"Spray Over Different Carbide Or Omega Posters\" All Poster Locations, Week 7 Challenges *REMOVED* & Why, \"Follow The Treasure Map Found In Greasy Grove\" Challenge Tutorial, My *WORST* Fortnite Game Ever,Week 5 Challenges *Leaked*, Fortnite Wins Compilation, The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get The Jetpack In Fortnite, My First Time Using The Jetpack (Jetpack Gameplay), \"Search Between Bench, Ice Cream Truck, And Helicopter\" Challenge Tutorial, NEW Jetpack Coming Tomorrow, 5 Week 3 Map Changes, New *LEAKED* Emotes Coming Soon (May 2018), New Skins & Items Coming Soon (May 2018), Follow The Treasure Map Found In Salty Springs, All Rubber Duckies Locations, New Burst Assault Rifle & All Information, Best Ways To Kill Thanos In Infinity Gaunlet, Opening The Secret Bunker In Wailing Woods, New Hidden Trap Method, New Twitch Prime Skins/ Pack Coming Tomorrow, Dance In Front Of Different Film Cameras, There Will Be No Avenger Themed Skins, Fortnite and Avengers Mashup- New LTM Infinity Gauntlet, 2 *WORKING* Glitches In Season, New Mansion Gameplay, Tomato Town Treasure Map Challenge Tutorial, All Fortnite Letter Locations (F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E), Last Time Going To Dusty Depot Before Meteor Hits, Season 7 Is Superheroes (Explained), Im NickArg Fortnite Highlights #1, All Fatal Fields Chest Locations, New Skins & Items Coming Soon! *LEAKED* (April 2018), Tilted Towers Will Be Gone Tomorrow, How To Get The Brite Bag & The Truth, New Map Coming Soon in Fortnite *TEASED*, Moisty Mire Treasure Map Challenge Tutorial, New 50v50 v2 Mode & All Information, New LMG Coming Soon & All Information, Funny Moments Montage #4, Best Outfits In Fortnite part 1, Search Between 3 Boats Challenge Tutorial, Drake Is Making A Song About Fortnite, New Skins & Items Coming Soon (April 2018), Week 8 Challenges LEAKED, New Explosive v2 Gamemode Montage, Retail Row Treasure Map Challenge Tutorial, All Hidden Gnome Locations, New High Explosive Gamemode & Everything You Need To Know, Everyone Can Get Fortnite Mobile, How to Get A Free Pickaxe in Fortnite, Search Chests in Anarchy Acres Challenge Tutorial, Search Between a Metal Bridge Three Billboards and a Crashed Bus Challenge Tutorial, 5 Hidden/ Secret Chests Locations, New Rogue Agent Starter Pack Gameplay, Playing Fortnite With A Girl, New Starter Pack Release Date Confirmed, New power Chord Gameplay, Gas station Challenge Tutorial, Anarchy Acres Treasure Map Tutorial, Fortnite Funny Moments Montage #3, All Ice Cream Truck Locations, Xbox and Playstation Crossplay Coming Soon, New Weapons Coming Soon, New Skins Coming Soon, Snobby Shores Treasure Tutorial, New starter pack + Vbucks, First Solo Win, Wailing Woods Challenge Tutorial, All Dancing Locations!, New Leaked Character in Fortnite, Replacing the Jetpack With a Hunting Rifle, Funny Moments Montage #2, Dusty Depot Challenge Tutorial, 3 Animal Locations for Weekly Challenge, Everything You Need To Know About Season 7, Rip Double Pump, New Shrines, Season 7 Battle Pass News, How to Get a Free Skin in Fortnite, My First Duo Win, The Smartest Thing to Be Done in Fortnite, Fortnite Funny Moments, Top 6 Hidden/ Secret Chests.fortnite fortnite season 7 fortnite season 6 start how fortnite season 7 will end how fortnite season 7 will start how season 7 will start fortnite storyline fortnite storyline explained fortnite season 8 leak fortnite season 6 trailer fortnite season 6 info fortnite season 7 story fortnite season 8 story explained fortnite season 7 battle pass fortnite season7 road trip skin leaked fortnite season 8 pyramid season 7 new #season7 #newleaks #leakedskins #fortnitedance #fortnitememes #fortnitecommunity #fortnitegameplay #fortnitememe #fortnitevbucks #fortnitenews #fortniteitemshop #fortniteleak

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