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$1,499 /3 mo

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$3,899 /year

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$7,999 /year

For large and medium teams and enterprises focused on scaling
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Exclusive customer service
Discover Influencers
List top influencers Top 1,000 Top 1,000 Top 1,500 Top 3,000
Total Influencers DataBase 30M 30M 30M 30M
Number of results per search 1,000 1,000 2,000 10,000
Topic or Tag searches
Number of brand searches 8/mo 8/mo 100/yr 300/yr
Advanced search with audience filters
Filter influencers with emails
View MCN information
Market Analysis
Influencer basic analysis 3,000/mo 3,000/mo 100,000/yr Unlimited
Audience data and insight 500/mo 500/mo 8,000/yr 20,000/yr
Brand advertising analysis 150/mo 150/mo 3,000/yr 8,000/yr
View influencer contact information 400/mo 400/mo 6,000/yr 15,000/yr
Competitor monitor and analysis 5
Influencer Outreach
Influencers favorite folders 50 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Influencer number per folder 450 450 600 1,000
Support multilingual email templates
Send emails using Gmail or the enterprise mailbox
Campaign management
Number of campaigns created 3/mo 3/mo Unlimited Unlimited
Bulk contact influencers 1,500/mo 1,500/mo 50,000/yr 100,000 /yr
Active Influencer application
AI-based influencer pitching 200/campaign 200/campaign 400/campaign 800/campaign
Track and monitor promotion content 10/campaign 10/campaign 40/campaign 100/campaign
Sentiment analysis
Export campaign report data
Campaign analysis report
Short link service

$1,499 /3 mo


$3,899 /year


$7,999 /year


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Frequently asked questions

How to pay? Can I request an invoice?

Accepted Payment Method: PayPal and credit card. Go to Payment Management and click Invoice Download after the purchase is made.

How to cancel a subscription? Can I issue a refund after purchasing?

When paying through PayPal or credit card, subscription will be automatically renewed with the same duration as the previous one. (Subscription won't be auto-renewed if discount code is used or other payment methods are used.) Subscription notice Email will be sent 7 days before the current membership expires. Go to Payment Management to cancel subscription before the next charge day.

We don't offer refund.

How to upgrade my membership?

Buy the higher level membership to upgrade your plan. The duration of your current membership will be automatically combined into the new one with a certain conversion rate.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please email us [email protected] or message us via whatsapp : +86 15100937515

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