Get YouTube Sponsorships For Small YouTubers In 3 Simple Steps

You may know that large YouTubers can get paid sponsorships on YouTube and make big money. But have you thought that small YouTubers can also get YouTube sponsorships? Now, sponsorship marketing belonging to the small YouTube channels is rising. For the brands, small YouTubers mean more cost-effective services and efficient communication. They are closer to their subscribers when compared with large YouTubers. They have loyal audiences and their interaction with the audiences is more frequent.

But how do small YouTubers can find paid YouTube sponsorships? Today we’ll introduce an influencer marketing platform – NoxInfluencer. You can search your opportunities here in 3 simple steps.

NoxInfluencer is a YouTube analytics tool and also an influencer marketing platform. Many brands come here looking for collaboration with big and small YouTubers. Now well-known brands like Xiaomi and Huawei are already on NoxInfluencer. Just click on “I’m an influencer” on the top right corner and log in NoxInfluencer, then you can get a chance to chat with the brands and make YouTube sponsorship deals.

To tell you a secret, no matter you’re a big or a small YouTube channel, brands will concentrate more on the interactions you have with your subscribers. That is, if your subscribers are so loyal to you, they’re willing to accept what you recommend to them. In the brands’ opinion, the engagement rate is more important than the number of subscribers. So if you keep a good engagement rate with your subscribers, no matter you’re a small YouTuber or a micro influencer,  just come to NoxInfluencer to make a self recommendation to the brands, maybe you will get sponsored on YouTube!


How to judge your engagement rate good or not?

Enter your YouTube URL in the search box of NoxInfluencer, it will generate a YouTube channel statistics report. You can see that PewDiePie’s engagement rate of the latest 30 videos is 16.79%. Usually, more than 10% is an excellent engagement rate. If you can’t reach that goal, don’t worry, NoxInfluencer will also give you some useful suggestions to optimize your YouTube channel.

PewDiePie YouTube Engagement Rate


How much should you charge for YouTube sponsorship?

Small YouTubers just step into this market. They don’t know how much they are worth and how to quote YouTube sponsorships. Don’t worry, use NoxInfluencer YouTube channel calculator to evaluate your potential earnings!

There’re 2 ways to calculate your estimated earnings:

  1. Enter your YouTube channel URL in the search box, then you can view your estimated earnings for each video.

NoxInfluencer Youtube Channel Calculator


  1. Choose your daily views and CPM price, you can view your estimated daily/monthly/yearly earnings.

NoxInfluencerYouTube Money Calculator

Next is the most important part of this article.

Just 3 simple steps to start the collaboration with amazing brands

  1. Choose the order type. You can choose Cost per Install or Cost per Video. Cost per Video is a more popular collaboration way.
  2. Choose your area. In fact, it is more likely to choose your audience area. For example, if you’re an Indian, but 50% of your audiences are from Indian and another 50% are from the United States, then you can receive orders from both India and United States. Just explain it to the brands and give a screenshot of your audience geography to them.
  3. Choose the order. Choose an order that is relevant to your YouTube channel type. For example, if you’re an Android Review YouTube Channel, then you can choose orders from mobile phone brands or Android cleaner APP brands.

NoxInfluencer YouTube Sponsorships Program

 Free to join NoxInfluencer. Search YouTube sponsorship opportunities, make a creative video for big brands and get paid!

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