Who is Lisa wagenführ? – The Germany Brave Girl Fight Against Cancer

Lisa wagenführ- Noxinfluencer
Lisa wagenführ YouTube channel performance

Who is Lisa wagenführ? When you search on Google, you will find it is a YouTube channel that grow fast in the past year. It has 515.85% Views/Subs of average video performance. Besides, she is a girl who fought against cancer for year from 2018 to 2019. She made a set of video stream named Meine Krebsgeschichte Teil (Cancer Story) that got 3.77M views on YouTube, data powered by Noxinfluencer. The videos recorded her changes in her cancer diagnosis and her battle with it.

I am not interested in play joke with Lisa wagenführ, I think that she is really a warrior. And I have greatly admired your way and your way and we should all take our hat off to you.

Now you have gone out of earthly life and have no more pain and no more path of suffering. Everything is peaceful and you are allowed to sleep. You were too young to go out of life. You have given so many people courage and strength. The courage and the strength that you carried outward have led to that you have got so much in the counter. This was certainly a win-win situation for you in a very bad and difficult time.

I am sure you are now looking at your loved ones from another world and your soul will accompany and strengthen you during this difficult time. We all and there I am sure for each one have admired your strength and your openness. You’ll be remembered by everyone with your videos. In the place where you are now, I wish you a healthy, colorful world, a world of the reunion of the past, and a world of looking down on your family, friends, and maybe a bit on your followers and breastfeeding.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish your family a lot of strength and patience to work through your loss and, above all, to have the strength not to give up. I quietly remember an incredibly brave and courageous woman. Goodbye Lisa wagenführ and rest in peace. The world will remember you forever.

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