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YouTube is one of the most powerful social networks in the world, where people from all over the globe upload millions of videos daily to satisfy the insatiable demand of the millions of users that the platform has. YouTube is a spectacular source of fame and money. It is logical that many people want to become influencers and that brands want to sell their products. To succeed on YouTube you need to know the current trends to be able to direct the work of an influencer or for brands to be promoted in the right videos, according to the product they offer. On both influencers and brands will know about the trending YouTube videos and the trending YouTube videos that are succeeding in the United States and in the whole world.

Trending YouTube Videos - Noxinfluencer

The influencers will find on all the necessary information to analyze the evolution and growth that has a YouTube channel. While brands will know exactly in which video to promote themselves to gain greater visibility in the market and thus generate more sales.

Influencer Marketing Performance has a top list that informs influencers and brands what is happening right now: YouTube channel rank, YouTube video rank, YouTube top categories, and the Instagram top list.

  • YouTube Channel Rank: indicates the most viewed channels on the planet or the chosen country.
  • YouTube Video Rank: indicates specifically the most popular videos of the moment, in each country and in the world.
  • YouTube top categories: indicate the categories that are generating the most interest in the public: can be music, food, news, games, entertainment, etc.
  • Instagram Top List: studies the popularity of this powerful social network: the users with the most followers, the users with the most posts, the engagement rate, etc.YouTube Analysis Tool - Noxinfluencer

On the website, you have tools to know and analyze a YouTube channel, which serves to improve, correct and generate new ideas for a channel to grow.

  • YouTube Calculator: you will know the real value of a YouTube channel immediately.
  • YouTube video analytics: serves to improve the performance of a video and increase the SEO positioning on YouTube.
  • YouTuber compare: compare YouTubers from various points of view and see why they succeed (or not) on the platform.
  • YouTube keywords tool: serves to know which are the exact words that generate interest on YouTube.
  • YouTube live sub count: informs about the number of subscribers who join a channel in real-time.


Succeeding on YouTube as an influencer can take a long time, but if you have a deep knowledge of this great social network an influencer can reach the proposed goals faster. Noxinfluencer provides all the necessary tools for an influencer to know where success is on YouTube and act accordingly. It is a platform that helps YouTubers get sponsors. That’s why all creators who want to be famous on YouTube should register at to start understanding and mastering the platform. allows audiences to watch the best trending YouTube videos and the best YouTube ideas, knowing the interest they are generating in a certain country and in the entire world. Knowing the influence of a video or YouTube channel is a fun activity that serves to be informed about the trends that are dominating the world.

YouTube Trends Noxinfluencer


Brands know the extreme popularity that YouTube has and if they want their products to be sold, they have to be promoted on that social network. has all the resources for a brand to know in which YouTube video to advertise. This is essential for a brand to reach potential customers and position itself high in the market. If a brand advertises in any YouTube video without being previously informed, it is most likely to fail in the objectives set. offers detailed information on videos, YouTubers, trendy topics and the most popular categories on YouTube. This is useful to know how to correctly place an advertisement in the most convenient video and reach potential customers. New brands need to be promoted on YouTube so that people know them and can be more competitive against rival brands. In the past, if a brand wanted to be famous had to be promoted on television, but that doesn’t work anymore. Today fame, success, and money are in social networks, especially on YouTube.




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