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Influencer Searching

NoxInfluencer is a world-leading influencer marketing platform to help advertisers to find matched influencers to do marketing for you, with great efficiency.

1、Search dimension: Channel search, Topic search

2、Search result: channel display, video display

3、Search filter

  • Basic condition: channel category, geography, language
  • Audience: geography, age, gender
  • Subs range
  • YouTube channel engagement
  • Last post date

1、Search dimension

NoxInfluencer allows users to search keywords by channel title, topic.

(1)Channel title search

Type keywords in search column and you will get channel results which include the keywords your search.

(2)Topic (tag) search

Switch to topic search first. Typing a keyword as a topic to search, pick the machine-generated tag. The results will include those channel content related to the topic.

2、Search Result

Users can divide search methods by two different result type, YouTube channel or video. Users are allowed to see channel and video as the search target.

3、Search Filter

  • Basic Condition: channel category, geography, language
  • Audience: geography, age, gender
  • Sub range
  • YouTube engagement
  • Last posting date

Above the results zone, users are allowed to moderate filter setting, according to their search strategy, to position their expected influencers.

(1)Filter by basic conditions

Basic conditions include category, geography, language.

Channels can be divided by Nox Category and YouTube official category. The former are designed by NoxInfluencer tech team, including 12 categories and 52 sub-categories.

The latter quotes the YouTube official category method, including 31 categories.

The filter of area and language help users to precisely find those influencers who meet the specific requirements of area or language.

(2) Filter of audience

The key target of influencer marketing is followers or audience of influencers. Finding the right audience can play a better role in influencer marketing than finding the right influencers.

So, NoxInfluencer allows users to search influencer by moderating the audience conditions.

(3) Filter of sub range

We know currently there is a trend that brands prefer micro-influencers whose sub number ranges from 2,000 to 10,000. Because this group of influencers has a stronger conversion potential. If you have a special demand in influencers’ subscriber number, please give it try.

(4) Filter out those active channels (views, rate of views to subs, engagement rate)

To make sure the channels users find are active to operate, NoxInfluencer can help users filter out those active channels with high views and high engagement rate.

For example, those channels with large following but low viewing performance must have a lot of robot fans. And such channels have no marketing value. Sometimes, views have nothing to do subs. Therefore, users will have only requirement over views, instead of subs.

(5) Last posting date

Another indicator to tell if channels are active is last posting date. Some channels have perfect performance in views, likes, engagement, following. But some of them may be dead channels that are not under operation anymore. So, filter of last posting date can filter those dead ones away.

Email filter and export

Users can view the contact info of influencers in their channel page after finding the right influencet.

If you go YouTube about page to get YouTubers’ Email address, YouTube only gives an IP 7 times to view in 24 hours.

And the Email addresses provided by NoxInfluencer are partly different from the ones posted on YouTube. Email addresses of influencers on NoxInfluencers are YouTubers’ business inquiry Email with a high reply rate.

Therefore, NoxInfluencer has another search filter, which is Email filter, to help users only find those channels with Email addresses.

If users want to export a long influencer list with Email address, they can use NoxInfluencer bulk export feature (shown in the picture below).

Send Email in bulk


It’s a newly-developed function by the NoxInfluencer tech team for brands to send Emails to influencers with higher efficiency. It allows brands to create personalized invitation Emails to influencers. It supports automatic replacing the recipient’s name that matches the address in each mail, lifting rate of opening and reply.


  • Sending Emails through users’
  • Sending Emails in bulk.
  • It supports automatic replacing the recipient’s name that matches the address in each mail, lifting rate of opening and reply.
  • It supports personalized mail content, including images, hyperlinks, typeface modification.
  • It supports tracking mail opening and link clicks.

About Howto, please refer to Send Invitation Email to influencer in Bulk

Launch campaign on NoxInfluencer

NoxInfluencer allows brand users to publish influencer marketing campaigns on this platform. System will AI-recommend matched influencers to the published campaigns. Brands can also add influencers to the invitation list of the campaign.

NoxInfluencer system will help brands to send invitation Emails to these chosen influencers. When they receive the message and if they are interested, influencers will jump to NoxInfluencer to apply for campaigns.

About Howto, please refer to Collaboration with influencers through campaign.

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