Update: Business Email Account can be applied into Bulk Email on NoxInfluencer

NoxInfluencer update Business Email into bulk Email configuration

Configuration Manual:

Users can use the business Email address to configure the bulk-Email feature.

Configuration information

  • Sender: customized sender name
  • Business Email address: the business Email address used in user’s company
  • Password: the password that business Email account used

Advanced settings:

  • SMTP Server: The server of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol normally goes by “smtp.business domain name.com”. Take “[email protected]” as an example, the SMTP server should be smtp.noxgroup.com.
  • SSL: A security protocol that secure network communication and data integrity, of which the roles include establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers, maintaining the data integrity during transferring. It’s recommended to activate.
  • Port: The ports between SMTP server and SSL are 465. The default port to SMTP server is 25 if SSL is not activated and changing port may cause failure of mail sending.

Note: We advise applying initial default status of advanced settings. Please contact business Email admins if you want to modify the advanced settings. Otherwise, business configuration may not be taken into force.


Q: Entering business Email info, what if a report pops out by “Email verification failure. Please review Email configuration information”? 

A: When the default advanced settings have never been modified, please check if your Email address and password are correct? When you have ever modified the advanced setting, please contact business Email admin to check if the configuration is set in the right way.

Q: Can I configure my personal Email other than business email?
A: If you prefer to use your personal Email, it is advised to configure through Gmail authorization. Business email configuration guidelines are also applicable to other Email addresses, such as foxmail, outlook and beyond.

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