Which Is Best For Influencer Marketing? Instagram Or TikTok?

If you’re a business, you might be wondering how you might make your marketing strategies more effective and relevant. One answer might surprise you: social media! Although there are many social media platforms out there nowadays, short-form video apps are in!

With short-form video content growing more and more popular these days, why not take advantage of this digital phenomenon? Consider seeking collaboration with creators on Instagram and TikTok to create short-form video content for your business.

But which social media platform is right for your business? Instagram or TikTok?

If you’re not sure which one to use for your brand, then fear not! In this article, we’ll explore both apps, and then delve deeper into the debate.

Let’s jump right in!

Both Apps: At First Glance

Before we delve into the marketing stuff, let’s talk about the two apps:

  • Instagram– “Instagram has stood the test of time when it comes to online content,” says Jesse Taylor, a tech writer at Next Coursework and Write my X. “However, there are both advantages and disadvantages with this social media app. While a lot of people are using this app, the average age of Instagram users in the U.S. is between 25 and 34, meaning that you might not attract younger audiences on there. While it is the most popular social media app when it comes to influencer marketing. that doesn’t mean it is the best for you and your brand.”

In hindsight, Instagram is great for posting photos and videos, and live streaming (with IGTV). Plus, this app is ideal for companies that cater to people between the ages 25 and 34. And, it has analytics tools to help brands monitor their numbers and results from various campaigns.

influencer marketing on Instagram
  • TikTok– “TikTok is mainly owned for its short-form video content,” says Phillip Greyson, a marketer at Brit Student and 1 Day 2 write. “From comedic sketches to lip-syncing to participating in viral challenges, this platform has you covered. Though, this app appeals more to users between ages 16 and 24. Despite this major difference in audience between Instagram and TikTok, the latter has seen a rapid increase usage since 2019, a ‘refreshing outlier’ in the social media universe, according to the New York Times.”
influencer marketing on TikTok

The Debate

Now that we’ve explored both apps in the previous section, it’s time to dive deep into the debate between the two! Here are some factors to consider:

  • Influencer marketing– On both Instagram and TikTok, you’ll find plenty of influencers with massive followings; To reach out to them, you can directly message them with an opportunity of sponsorship and influencing gigs. With TikTok, going to TikTok Creator Marketplace can help you can find TikTok creators for influencer marketing campaigns. Alternatively, using a comprehensive influencer marketing platform, like NoxInfluencer which possesses massive data of influencers from IG, TikTok, can also lift your efficiency of doing influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Audience – When it comes to your audiences, you might get certain audiences coming to your brand, even if you’ve planned for them or not. As mentioned, Instagram is normally used by older adults, while TikTok caters to younger audiences. Say that you’re a toy company that caters to younger people; in that case, TikTok would work better for your marketing campaigns. Targeting the right audience is key to your marketing campaign ROI. After all, your ultimate goal is the potential customers from the audience.
  • Advertising – TikTok is mainly about making… well, TikToks – videos that are short and fun. Instagram not only lets you post photos and videos, but also creative (and even interactive) ads. Ad agencies may get a kick from using Instagram to create ads.

Based on the findings listed above, it’s clear that both apps are helpful in their own right. It all depends on what your company needs, and who you’re catering to. Finding out who your audiences are, and how you want to showcase your brand, will ultimately determine which app to use – OR if your best bet is to use both.


So, you see, ultimately, whichever social media platform you use is entirely up to you and your brand. At the end of the day, you’re catering to your consumers, not yourself. Therefore, it’s important to be flexible with whichever app you use, since both are viable when it comes to marketing.

So, if you’re looking to bring in more consumers and fans to your brand, then consider using Instagram and or TikTok today! We hope that this article will help you make the best marketing decisions when catering to another world of users on either or both apps.

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