Strategic Impact Of Email Marketing Through Influencer Marketing Platform

Email marketing can be considered as the old guard of digital marketing that stands tall despite everything around it changing drastically. Despite the improved technical support, the strategic part remains pretty much unchanged. But today, we will talk about using it in combination with a relatively new influencer marketing. When we hear the word ‘influencer,’ the first impression that comes to our mind is a famous celebrity with millions of followers on Instagram or a YouTuber. You might wonder how they can align themselves with your email marketing strategy. Today, NoxInfluencer, an all-around influencer marketing platform, is going to have a look at how influencer marketing can become a part of your email marketing strategy.

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why Consider It

Marketing guru Seth Godin says,

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

Influencers are people who build a strong following based on their public image, and they influence their followers’ decisions. Recently, brands are collaborating with these individuals to market their products to their community of highly engaged fanbase. As an email marketer, you might be curious how influencers can benefit your campaigns, so let us have a look at a few statistics first.

Hardly 1% of millennials believe in advertisements. Also, Twitter finds that users trust influencers as much as their friends. On the other hand, 71% of the Influencers find that it’s necessary to maintain an honest outlook to keep their audiences engaged. The commercials are equally appealing as a study by Tomoson finds that the ROI for influencer marketing sits at $6.5 per dollar. No doubts, most of the brands benefiting from influencing are willing to raise their budget on a YoY basis.

Categories Of Influencers

We can divide them into the following categories depending on the content they create:

  • Bloggers and Vloggers
  • Gaming Influencers – Live Streamers
  • Photographers
  • Sports stars
  • Beauty Influencers
  • CGI Influencers
  • Activists
  • Actors
  • Models
  • Journalists

However, we generally classify them into Nano, Micro, Macro, and Mega influencers based on the number of followers they have per Influencer Marketing Hub:

Why You Should Consider Combining Influencer Marketing With Your Email Marketing Strategy

I recommend combining influencer marketing with emails because influencers create a strong community that’s highly engaged, receptive, and enthusiastic. Adding them to your subscriber list can benefit you tremendously since most of the aspects that impact your email marketing ROI, like lead quality, willingness to engage, and purchase intent, are already refined. You can expect a much higher conversion ratio with nano influencers active in particular niches due to their intimate involvement with their followers who are particularly interested in the respective niches. Also, both influencers and email marketing are equally cost-effective when it comes to acquiring new customers.

And a good influencer marketing platform will help you carry out Email marketing in a more efficient and effective way. NoxInfluencer is just a fine Email marketing tool for brands to reach over 18 million influencers to seek partnership.

Based on the massive influencer resource pool, NoxInfluencer provides an extremely effective and efficient marketing service for brands to launch an influencer marketing campaign.

Generally, these influencers don’t build mailing lists, and they depend on being constantly active for minting money. By adding their followers to your subscriber list, you can bypass such constraints and treat them as warmed leads from there onwards. Strategically, this is a rewarding move as your cost of acquiring subscribers can be slashed off significantly as you don’t need to go for building gated resources and send freebies to ungraded leads.

What Do Influencers Charge And How They Fit Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

To begin with, you can expect to spend $25 for every 1000 followers. This may vary based on the niche and their popularity, but it is better to go with smaller influencers as they engage personally with their followers, like liking the comments and replying to them. Coming to email marketing, you can utilize them for:

  • List building
  • Running promotional offers
  • Getting insights from people interested in your product category
  • Conducting a dry run for your new products

You will need to share affiliate links with the influencers to track their ROI, and this data will also help you with segmentation once you onboard their followers on your subscriber list. Apart from them mentioning your brand in their posts, you can also mention them in your newsletters and promotional messages. Thus, influencers can fit into multiple parts of your email marketing campaigns.

A Note Of Caution

While influencer marketing adds value to your overall email marketing strategy, there are few things you should also be careful about. Fake accounts can be a problem if you are approaching an entirely new market. The influencer may unknowingly act in a manner that is detrimental to your brand; therefore, caution is advised when making an agreement with your influencer. Thus, clearly putting down all the terms and conditions is a must. When you associate your business with their personal brands, you need to keep an eye on how they engage with their audiences since any negative behavior will directly impact your brand image as well.

Wrap Up

Email marketing is still the best performing digital marketing channel that boasts the highest bang for the buck- a 4400% ROI, and on the other hand, influencer marketing is an emerging trend that is performing consistently in the last few years. With their combined synergies, you can drive a highly targeted lead generation campaign, discover new opportunities, and improve sales. If used properly, their combination can amplify the results significantly. I hope this article on understanding the strategic impact of influencer marketing on your email marketing game plan adds value to your future efforts.

This article is contributed by Kevin George, a specialist in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion, and free HTML email templates. He is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing custom email design and coding companies.

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