Unboxing Influencer Marketing: How E-commercers Promote with Unboxing YouTubers

You may have heard of unboxing videos before. Unboxers are influencers who record themselves opening up a package from a company and talking about their experience with the product. If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube that shows someone opening up a box from another company, then you’ve seen an unboxing video. These types of videos are not just for tech-savvy audiences anymore. They have blown up in popularity in the last couple of years and we expect them to continue growing in the future. If you’re looking to partner with unboxing YouTubers to promote your e-commerce brand or products, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn how to find the perfect unboxing influencers for your brand in order to make it happen fast.

According to Google’s advice on marketing, there are 62% of unboxing video viewers were interested in unboxing video because they were planning to purchase the product being unboxed.

For e-commercers, let influencers unbox your products is a efficient way to do sales promotions. It will be particularly effective during Black Friday.

What are the benefits of working with unboxing influencers?

First and foremost, unboxing influencers are great for increasing brand awareness. If you are working with tech-savvy unboxers who already have a strong following, they can help get your brand out to a wide range of audiences, even those who might not know about your product otherwise.

Normally, influencers always have strong authority among their followers and can influence their purchase decision. Through such influencers’ unboxing content, brands can reach potential customers and motivate them buy your products.

The increased brand awareness means that you’re likely to see a boost in sales for your product as a result of the video collaborations. Unboxing influencers are also good for increasing sales by driving traffic to your website. When influencers create unboxing videos, they often link out to the product pages where customers can purchase the products featured in the video.

This can be especially helpful for e-commerce brands that sell products that aren’t available in physical stores. With unboxing videos, you can drive people to your website who might not have otherwise found you.

How to find the right unboxing YouTube influencers for your brand

First and foremost, if you want your brand to be represented well in the videos by these influencers, if must make sure that the influencers you choose to work with are a good fit for your brand.

In such case, you can use keywords like “unboxing” or works of your product category on social media. Then you will find creators who have created content related to your business. Choosing those who got more views and engagement is a safe way.

Alternatively, you can use influencer marketing tools that specially develop an influencer discovery feature. Marketing platforms like NoxInfluencer include over 30 million creators in its database and provide fine-grained search filters for marketers. Marketers can use tags to search niche influencers.

How much do unboxing YouTubers earn?

The amount that unboxing YouTubers charge varies greatly depending on their following, the brand of the product, and other factors such as the length of the video.

Some YouTubers make as little as $200 per video, while some make upwards of $50,000 per video.

Generally speaking, middle-tier YouTubers with a strong following and good engagement can charge around $5,000 per video collaboration. You can expect to pay top-tier YouTubers upwards of $10,000 per video. Keep in mind that while there are plenty of YouTubers who are paid per video, there are also plenty of YouTubers who are paid per hour. The former focuses on increasing brand awareness, while the latter focuses on converting sales.

If you have fixed marketing budget, you can search on NoxInfluencer using pricing filter. Input your budget interval and NoxInfluencer will display all influencers’ with estimated pricing within your budget.

The best ways to find unboxing influencers

There are many ways to find unboxing influencers. You can browse social media platforms like Instagram and look for people who post unboxing videos. You can also use online marketplaces or directories to find unboxing influencers, such as YouTubers, Instajobber, and more.

With that being said, we think the best way to find unboxing influencers is to use a influencer marketing platform that allows you to search for all types of influencers across all types of channels. That way, you can narrow down your search to find the best unboxing influencers for your brand.

Additionally, platforms that let you search for influencers across multiple channels can also help you find other types of influencers, such as Instagrammers, bloggers, and more.

The Top 10 Unboxing Influencers in 2022

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2022 Top 10 African Unboxing YouTubers

Summing up

Unboxing videos are popular for many reasons. They’re entertaining, and informative, and help customers get a better idea of what to expect when they receive a product in the mail.

If you’re an e-commerce brand, you can partner with unboxing YouTubers to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and help convert sales. In order to find the best unboxing influencers for your brand, you can browse social media platforms, use online marketplaces, or use a platform that allows you to search for influencers across multiple channels.


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