Top 10 African Unboxing Influencers for 2022 Marketing on YouTube

Influencer marketing is an excellent strategy for doing just that. It’s also a cost-effective way of doing so, as compared with other techniques like paid advertising. Per Influencer Marketing Hub, the market grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion in 2020. In 2021, it soared to $13.8 billion, indicating steady growth. In 2022, the market is projected to expand to a whopping $16.4 billion industry.

NoxInfluencer believes that marketers should be aware of the importance of unboxing influencers as a part of digital marketing strategy.

Unboxing has emerged as one of the top trends in video marketing. When it comes to digital video content, YouTube remains the leading platform for unboxing videos from Africa and around the world. Well, not all unboxing influencers have hit the peak of their careers yet. But with time, more people will start viewing these videos on YouTube and other platforms and manufacturers will realize that they can take advantage of this opportunity.

Viewers love watching unboxing videos because they offer them a sneak peek into products before they even buy them. Based on NoxInfluencer social media data academy, we list top 10 African YouTubers who are famous for their unboxing videos in 2022 for your reference of influencer marketing campaigns.

For this list, NoxInfluencer ranks these African unboxing influencers by their subscribing. All key metrics for marketers reference, such as impressions (represented by average views), NoxScore, engagement rate, will be displayed in this ranking list.


Subscribers: 242k

Impressions: 22.77k

NoxScore: 1.54

Engagement Rate: 7.98%

If your brand likes to get a fair share of the unboxing pie, this Egypt YouTuber is one of the influencers you should look out for. He has over 242,000 followers and a rapidly growing community. His videos focus on tech gadgets and electronics. Revieology’s first YouTube channel was launched back in 2014, though he now also has a second channel.

He has been featured by gadget review sites several times, and his videos have been featured on sites like The Verge, Engadget, and Pocket-Lint. Revieology is a perfect example of how hard work, dedication, and vision can pay off in the long run. He has built his brand with genuine passion and dedication to the field of unboxing and technology.

HS Media حاتم الصاوى

Subscribers: 80.3k

Impressions: 36.96k

NoxScore: 0.55

Engagement Rate: 0.9%

HS Media may not be as popular as some of the other unboxers on this list, but he has the potential to grow. From Egypt, HS Media is the name of the YouTuber behind the channel, who loves to unbox phones and other mobile devices.

His channel has over 80,000 subscribers, and he has been uploading content since 2016. HS Media’s unboxing videos have received more than a million views, making his channel quite popular. The YouTuber’s videos have also been featured on Gadgets 360 and Unlockd, two prominent tech and gadget review sites. As one of the few unboxers from India, HS Media is one of the most promising channels you can check out, especially if you’re looking for unboxing videos for mobile devices like smartphones.

Moaz Elsayed

Subscribers: 41.2k

Impressions: 205.21k

NoxScore: 1.09

Engagement Rate: 28.67%

Moaz Elsayed is a popular YouTuber from Egypt with over 41 thousand subscribers on his channel. His channel specializes in unboxing and reviewing different products. Some of the products he has reviewed include smartphones and laptops.

He has been uploading videos on his channel since 2013. Some of his videos have also been featured on Gadgets 360 and Gizmodo, two major tech websites. If you are looking for an unboxer from the Middle East, then Moaz is a great candidate. He has impressive viewership numbers and a large fanbase that could be a great target audience for your product.


Subscribers: 35.5k

Impressions: 2.74k

NoxScore: 0.75

Engagement Rate: 5.33%

JazayerTech, from Algeria, is a YouTube channel that provides reviews, news, and more for tech-related products.

The owner, Jazayeri, started this channel because he was disappointed with the lack of options that were available for video game reviews. He wanted to create a place where gamers could get honest and thorough reviews on hardware, software, and accessories. Jazayeri’s videos cover topics from gaming headsets to gaming controllers. They also cover news related to the gaming industry, including new releases and first impressions from press events around the world.

Jazayeri runs his channel by himself but he has a few close friends who help him out with editing and other tasks. The channel currently has over 35,000 subscribers and Jazayeri’s goal is to gain another 100,000 subscribers before the end of 2018.

أمير كنوش Amir Kennouche

Subscribers: 26.4k

Impressions: 143

NoxScore: 1.35

Engagement Rate: 6.88%

Amir Kennouche is a popular unboxer from Algeria who has over 26 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos focus on gadgets and products from the tech industry. Some of the brands he has unboxed include OnePlus, Samsung, and Huawei.

Amir has been uploading videos since end of 2016, and his videos have received millions of views. His unboxing videos have also been featured on Gadgets 360, Unlockd, and Android Authority, three prominent tech websites. If you are looking for an unboxer from Africa’s North African region, then Amir is a great choice.


Subscribers: 24k

Impressions: 547

NoxScore: 1.78

Engagement Rate: 13.86%

Evetech, from South Africa, is the name of the unboxer behind this YouTube channel. Evetech visits a hardware company, unboxes their products and then reviews them. The goal of this review is to help the viewer decide if they want to buy the product or not. As of now, Evetech has visited over 120 different hardware companies and has done almost 1,000 videos.

They currently have nearly 24,000 subscribers, 4.31 million views and over 12 million engagements on Facebook. For someone interested in reviewing technology, this is a great channel to follow!


Subscribers: 22.3k

Impressions: 71.43k

NoxScore: 0.65

Engagement Rate: 2.83%

McMerwe is another YouTuber from South Africa who is famous for his unboxing videos. This unboxer has been followed by 22.3 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

McMerwe specializes in shrimp/plant/fish unboxings, DIY ideas, maintenance videos, aquarium setups, fish room tours, aquatic plant videos and generals fish tank videos.

Some of his videos have also been featured on Unlockd, a prominent tech website. If you are looking for an unboxer from Africa’s southern part, then McMerwe is a great choice. He has a large and growing fanbase and his unboxing videos are very popular among his viewers.


Subscribers: 6.58k

Impressions: 3.41k

NoxScore: 2.31

Engagement Rate: 16.81%

MinouTech is a YouTube channel featuring DIY tutorials for electronics, robotics and other tech projects. It features videos about how to build your own Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LED controller boards, and more. It also includes helpful guides on using common electronics like relay switches and LEDs.

MinouTech was founded by Paul Minoo in January of 2020. It has over 6,500 subscribers and over 538,000 views. It has also been featured by Make Magazine and Hack A Day. Their videos were all about tech products. They would open up gadgets from Apple and Samsung, like cell phones and laptops.

Marius K. Kwadyo

Subscribers: 5.92k

Impressions: 3.78k

NoxScore: 1.16

Engagement Rate: 5.77%

Marius K. Kwadyo is a young tech blogger and YouTuber from Senegal who has been growing his channel since he joined YouTube in December of 2011.

The young man shares his experiences related to technology and DIY at his personal channel. He also uploads videos on how to build your first website, build a YouTube channel or how to improve your photography skills.

The young man continues to grow as an influencer in the African tech community and has gained nearly 6,000 subscribers across various social media platforms. His videos have been watched by millions of people from all around the world.

In his most recent uploads, he has shared tips on how to become a successful YouTuber, how to grow your audience, and ways to monetize your channel. This is a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about technology and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Marius K. Kwadyo is an excellent example of a young tech blogger that is making waves in the African tech community. He inspires others with his positive energy, hard work and passion for innovation.

Unbox Odyssey

Subscribers: 3.95k

Impressions: 607

NoxScore: 0.25

Engagement Rate: 633.85%

Unbox Odyssey is a YouTube channel created by “Unbox Odyssey” is a YouTube channel created by Connor Adams-Klein to showcase his passion for unboxing new products and giving them away to his viewers.

In his videos, he will usually unbox a product and then give it away, often in exchange for a donation. The goal of Unbox Odyssey is to encourage people to become more involved in the community and build positive relationships by sharing gifts with others.

To date, Connor has given out hundreds of products from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Overstock, MSI, Razer, HyperX and more. His videos have been viewed over 327 thousand times and have received over 1.4 million likes on Facebook and over 500 thousand views on YouTube.


We hope that this post has made you more aware of the unboxing trend and its influence on the e-commerce industry. Many brands now send out their new products to YouTubers so they can create unboxing videos and drive more traffic to their websites. We have also covered some of the top African unboxers who are famous for their unboxing videos on YouTube. If your brand wants to increase its brand visibility and drive sales in the process, these YouTubers can be excellent partners.

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