TOP 10 UK Unboxing Influencers for 2022 marketing on YouTube

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital marketing. It’s estimated that influencer marketing will grow to a $16.4 billion industry by 2022.

The reason for this boom is clear – brands can reach their target audience at a fraction of the price using social media influencers. Turning to unbox influencers to do influencer marketing has always been a lasting trend for e-commerce marketers’ social media marketing strategy.

If you’re just getting started with Influencer Marketing, you might not know where to begin. Working with unboxing influencers will be an effective option for starters.

In this article, influencer marketing platform NoxInfluencer lists the top 10 unboxing YouTubers from the United Kingdom for brands’ 2022 influencer marketing strategy in this region.

NoxInfluencer ranks the top 10 influencers based on the NoxScore calculated by NoxInfluencer Social Media data academy.

NoxScore is calculated by five dimensions: Subs&Channel growth, Video updated frequency, Video performance, Engagement Rate, Social media abundance.

Learn more about NoxScore:

UK Unboxing YouTubers Features

In the UK, Unboxing YouTubers are more diversified than those from the US and Africa, where the unboxers prefer to create content about consumer electronics such as smartphones and other devices, which have higher product average value.

While for UK unboxers, as well as electrics products, content of fashion, lifestyle and clothing are more welcome among UK community on social media. E-commcers have more choices in British market.

Top 10 Unboxing Influencers in the UK

Elliot Page

Unboxer Elliot Page
NoxScore 4.03
Following 149000
Estimated Impressions 140490
Engagement Rate 7.53%
Estimated Price (USD $) 1640.68

Elliot Page is a UK-based vlogger who started his unboxing channel back in 2012. He posted his first ever unboxing video at the beginning of the same year, and he has been going strong since.

Elliot has since gained nearly 150 thousand subscribers and his videos have earned him nearly 40 million views. Elliot is a pro unboxer of sneaker products of various brands. He earned his reputation on YouTube through his professional review of different types of shoes.

Elliot is a great vlogger who is passionate about his content. His unboxing videos are very popular and they feature great content.


Unboxer Sam’sTrains
NoxScore 3.27
Following 124000
Estimated Impressions 23960
Engagement Rate 20.62%
Estimated Price (USD $) 577.1

Sam’s trains has been around for nearly ten years now. This unboxing YouTuber has experienced a massive subscribing rise in the second half of 2021, from 100 thousand to 115 thousand with a growth of 15,000.

Sam’s collection of toy trains and model railway kits has grown quite substantially since starting his channel. As his following has grown, he has been able to expand his collection and add more high-quality products to his inventory.

Sam has given his channel a fresh new look, and he also has a fantastic new logo. He uses interesting and informative titles and descriptions that create curiosity and entice people to watch his videos. Sam produces high-quality content that is thoroughly engaging. His unboxing videos are fun and entertaining to watch.

Vivian’s Collectibles

Unboxer Vivian’s Collectibles
NoxScore 3.27
Following 16800
Estimated Impressions 2199
Engagement Rate 15.00%
Estimated Price (USD $) 52.13

Vivian’s Collectibles is a UK-based unboxing channel that has been around since the beginning of 2009. This channel has some very interesting niche categories featured in its content, Pokemon.

For example, there are unboxing videos that feature toys, comics, beauty products, and so much more. Vivian’s Collectibles is a great channel that features a wide variety of products. This is a channel that is worth following if you are a fan of collecting items and being kept up-to-date with the latest releases in your favorite categories.

This channel will post unboxing, openings, collections and new pick-ups.

Chateau Unwrapped!

Unboxer Chateau Unwrapped!
NoxScore 2.93
Following 38300
Estimated Impressions 56606
Engagement Rate 14.86%
Estimated Price (USD $) 1356.7

Chateau Unwrapped is a young channel that has quickly gathered a following of loyal fans. This channel has been online since the latter half of 2020.

Chateau Unwrapped specializes in opening and reviewing new kitchen items and gadgets. This is a very interesting niche and definitely one that people can get hooked on.

This is a great channel if you are passionate about cooking and want to try out new products and gadgets. This is a great channel to follow if you are interested in new kitchen items and gadgets. If you are a brand of products of kitchen items and gadgets and looking for influencers to feature your products on their YouTube channels, Chateau Unwrapped is a great option.

Juniors Tech

Unboxer Juniors Tech
NoxScore 2.91
Following 7690
Estimated Impressions 1944
Engagement Rate 2.09%
Estimated Price (USD $) 37.8

Juniors Tech is a ten-year-old unboxing channel that focuses on technology-related products. This is a very interesting niche as there are so many different products to choose from among smartphones, cameras, and smartwatches.

You can literally open up any product category and find something related to technology. This is a great channel that will keep you up-to-date with the latest gadgets and if you want to get informed about new products that are out on the market.

Juniors Tech also holds giveaway campaigns for go-to-market electronics products. This is a very promotion-friendly channel to work with for brands.

Mattculli POKEMON

Unboxer Mattculli POKEMON
NoxScore 2.91
Following 12500
Estimated Impressions 2608
Engagement Rate 24.33%
Estimated Price (USD $) 32.5

Mattculli POKEMON is a British-based unboxing channel that has a focus on the Pokemon brand.

Joined in 2017, this Pokemon-unbox channel has amassed nearly 13 thousand subscribers with total views of 983,430.

This is a great channel if you are a big fan of Pokemon and want to be kept informed of the latest products and merchandise.

Trilingual Family – トライリンガル子育て

Unboxer Trilingual Family – トライリンガル子育て
NoxScore 2.81
Following 16000
Estimated Impressions 57851
Engagement Rate 4.68%
Estimated Price (USD $) 804.97

This is a channel that focuses on family-related unboxings. Created by a German-Japanese family, this is a great channel if you are a parent or if you are interested in family-related products and want to get informed of the latest releases. Trilingual Family – Trilingual Parenting is a great channel to follow if you are a parent or if you are interested in family-related products and want to get informed of the latest releases.

Dion Schuddeboom

Unboxer Dion Schuddeboom
NoxScore 2.77
Following 17100
Estimated Impressions 33540
Engagement Rate 7.66%
Estimated Price (USD $) 329.7

Dion Schuddeboom is a British-based unboxing channel that focuses on technology-related products. As another consumer-electronics-niche channel from the UK, Dion Schuddeboom keeps its audience informed about the latest computers and accessories.

Although this channel is followed by only 17 thousand users, it has garnered over 5 million views in total with 195 videos since its first publication in 2014.

Persolaise Perfumes

Unboxer Persolaise Perfumes
NoxScore 2.59
Following 13500
Estimated Impressions 4377
Engagement Rate 24.57%
Estimated Price (USD $) 44.27

This is a channel that focuses on the perfume industry. This is a very interesting niche and one that has plenty of potentials.

As the channel’s description says, this YouTuber posts honest and independent perfume reviews for consumers.

Persolaise Perfume is a great channel to follow if you are a fan of fragrances and want to be kept up-to-date with the latest releases.

Sigma Sports

Unboxer Sigma Sports
NoxScore 2.58
Following 55500
Estimated Impressions 26727
Engagement Rate 4.59%
Estimated Price (USD $) 86.38

Sigma Sports, backed by a professional sports outfit retailing brand, is a British-based unboxing channel that has a focus on sports-related products. If you are into fitness and sports and want to get informed of the latest products sold by Sigma stores, this is a good brand channel to follow.

Sigma Sports caters to cyclists, runners, and triathletes of all abilities.


Unboxing influencers is great for new brands looking to launch their first Influencer Marketing campaign.

NoxInfluencer has listed the Top 10 UK unboxers’ estimated social media impressions and prices to promote.

These YouTubers are typically affordable, and they offer a variety of benefits for your business. From engaging with your audience to helping you build trust, unboxing influencers have a lot to offer brands.

These YouTubers are great for new businesses, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them when you’re ready to start your campaign.


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