Influencer Marketing in 2019:how to gain more traffic with Influencers

Influencer marketing seems to be ubiquitous today.Just as its name implies, influencers represent a kind of people who has accelerated professional knowledge in their own field and then has built up a  strong awareness among their fans.Brands also start to seek opportunities to cooperate with them so as to gain more traffic for products.

Take the market in the United States as example,The development model of influencer marketing has been very mature, especially driven by the popularity of YouTube,  some excellent MCN institutions emerges as the times require, such as Awesomeness TV. These organization basically cover most of influencers and celebrities in the United States. For example, MCN agency Maker Studios has signed up YouTube’s most subscribed channel Pewdiepie. It also caused that MCN institutions acquired a monopoly in the market, and the price is very dear.

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But it doesn’t hinder their passion for seeking more influencers. According to the statistics, the brand can earn $7.65 On average for every dollar cost, and its return on investment is 11 times that of traditional digital advertising.

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So it is vital for brands to find those influencers who in suitable for their products and bring more traffic for their websites.There are three main points to help brand to find influencers as follows:

First,influencers with niche audiences or fans can be distributed into different markets,such as gaming blogger,vlogger,beauty celebrities,etc,. For instance,video game publisher could invite gaming blogger to shot some videos,tell their feelings or skiils about the game. and YouTube Analytics Tool-Noxinfluencer permits brand to search influencers according to their needs.


Second,creative content is the key to gain more traffic.Even some YouTubers with a large number of fans publish boring content to YouTube,they still gain little views. Audience is objective who will give a calm comment about videos. In addition,the timing of launching an advertisement is also important.  Find out when your target audience usually spends his time on social media or specific platforms.


Finally,the form of advertising your product also decides the effect of advertisement to great extent.According to the statistics,users in the United States are shifting from Facebook to Instagram and YouTube, and Instagram has been gradually hot for the past year, partly because of the short video.

At present,influencer Marketing has been a popular trend,brands  should keep up with times and maximize its potential.

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