2022 Social Media Analytics: 5 Best YouTube Analytics Extensions

No matter for brands who are going to tap into social media marketing, or YouTubers who want to grow their channels on YouTube, having a smart YouTube analytics extension is indispensable to get some tips from analysis results over the video stats, and post engagement performance, and other key metrics.

Different from those third-part YouTube analytics platforms or sole software, a chrome extension of YouTube analytics reveals directly YouTube channel stats for users. Think about the scenario of browsing YouTube channel pages. A social media analytics extension displays all details of channels’ stats on the same page in a straightforward manner, with no need to jump out to another tool and check the data.

Even if most of the YouTube analytics extensions are able to provide users with more information about the video and channel, only few of them are the 5 best tools that allow users to have a close look at their YouTube statistics from the extension. Now let’s check out the 5 best YouTube analytics extensions for you.

1. NoxInfluencer

social media analytics extension-NoxInfluencer

According to my experience, NoxInfluencer is one of the most powerful and easiest-to-use social media marketing tools that provide social media analytics and other digital marketing features for both brands and influencers. It helps optimize and manage your social media networks. 

What’s more exciting is that it also develops a YouTube chrome extension for YouTube users to conduct YouTube channel analysis more conveniently on YouTube channel pages.

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On the extension’s stats dashboard, all key metrics of the current channel and video will be generated and displayed in a real-time way, ranging from the channel’s global subscribers rank, national subscribers rank, video view rank, to the video’s ratio of subs to views, likes ratio, and estimated video revenue if it is sponsored.

For brands, it helps them to select quality influencer partners when preparing an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube. For influencers or YouTube creators, social media analytics of YouTube embedded into YouTube pages guide them to create better content based on the hints from the stats analysis of their own channels or other creators’.

2. TubeBuddy

social media analytics extension-Tubebuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the most helpful social analytics tools for YouTube. With its browser extension, it ensures that your videos are following YouTube’s guidelines. This awesome tool will allow you to create titles and descriptions for your video with ease through keywords, tags, etc., all according to what best suits you. This is extremely helpful when looking at how visible and reachable different content can be created with SEO’s help!

Furthermore, with its heatmap functionality, you can identify the sections of your video that are not being viewed. Using TubeBuddy’s click monitoring functionality, you can use click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) data to make necessary changes to your video. By monitoring the amount of time people spend on your video and the number of times it was viewed, you can create even more helpful content for your channel.

3. VidIQ

social media analytics extension-VidIQ

As a YouTube analytic too, VidIQ offers YouTube users daily stats reports of YouTube channels by its algorithm and in an almost real-time manner. automatic. Moreover, VidIQ, according to the social media trends, can suggest creators with hot topics to make content with a high potential to go viral.

Moreover, VidIQ can also suggest topics using AI to grow your channel from the inside out. The VidIQ algorithm is a powerful machine that will help you grow your channel and make more money.

Furthermore, this analytic tool for YouTube also offers you a detailed comparison between your channel and your competitors. Through VidIQ, you can see the progress of your channel over time. You can also see what your most engaged viewers are watching, you can see which videos they drop off at, and you can make sure they have the right thumbnails and titles to make them more engaging. Through VidIQ’s heatmap feature, you can also see where most of your viewers are watching your videos, which will help you make more engaging content.

4. Viralstat

social media analytics extension-viralstat

ViralStat is one of the top YouTube analytics tools. It also lets you track videos from your competitors to see what topics are trending on YouTube, and it provides valuable reports that will help improve your performance on Youtube.

It has a wide variety of features and metrics, ranging from demographics of your viewers to engagement rate and comment analysis. You can also schedule your uploads using this tool, which comes in handy if you are uploading content on a regular basis. The advanced scheduling option lets you upload content at specific times when it will receive the most views. You can also use ViralStat to schedule social media posts. It has a wide variety of templates, and you can also create your own. The plugin comes with a detailed analysis of each post, which will help you to create better content in the future. This is a very helpful tool that can improve your engagement on social media.

5. Qunitly

social media analytics extension-Qunitly

Multiple YouTube channels can be a handful. But this tool is an extremely user-friendly option that lets you track multiple accounts simultaneously. Its easy navigation and many reports on content performance are just some of the options it offers.

It also comes with some special features like channel branding, YouTube channel design, content optimization, Pinterest marketing, Facebook & Twitter cover design, etc.

What’s more exciting is its YouTube analytics extension which enables you to find out how many views your videos can generate in addition to all those other crucial insights on SEO and advertising performance you should keep an eye on like audience retention rate or view duration.

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