Influence marketing in south East Asia

Influence marketing has taken root in south East Asia in the recent past. According to statistics most of the social media marketing owes their success to influence marketing. The success of influence marketing in south East Asia is due to the fact that the population in this area favors digital marketing with the demographics consisting of majorly young people aged below 35 years. Such presents an opportunity that influencers use to meet brands market them and earn a living. There are many platforms that make it possible for influencers and brands to meet. Nonetheless, Noxinfluencer provides the best opportunity for the best influencers to meet big brands.

Influencers meet brands

Influencers make money by collaborating with brands. Collaboration cannot take place if the brands do not connect with the desired influencers. At NoxInfluencer, we understand the importance of influencers connecting with brands collaborating and benefiting each other. Our platform is designed to meet all such needs. We assure influencers that they will connect with the biggest brands that they have ever worked for. We also assure brands that they will meet only the greatest influencers who guarantee them success in their endeavours. We treasure a win-win situation for all involved parties.


The primary aim of our site is creating a space for influencers to create good content and get paid fairly. Ours is ensuring that influencers have a space that encourages them to work and showcase their creativity. That is why we have a 100% transparency policy. Yes, there aren’t any exorbitant charges and hidden fees in our site. Influencers will know how much they will be making and brands are also aware of how much they will be required to pay. Additionally, both parties also know how much we will be taking which is a small percentage per transaction.


The influencer business in South East Asia has grown significantly over the past few years. Today it’s quite difficult for one to go into the influencer business and make it on their own. We understand that everyone wants to grow but growing alone might take a couple of years or even decades. At Noxinfnluencer we have the main purpose of reducing the time of growth provided the influencer works hard. Surely there is a lot of competition out there and anyone would understand how precious time is to a market that is full of competition. We figured out that working together will help us achieve a lot together in a short period of time. Each day our team of influencers keeps growing and the number of brands keeps increasing. Moreover, we are concerned with pricing, technology, business models, and clientele.

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