2022 Social Media Analytics: How YouTube Analytics Benefits Marketers

Video is the new king when it comes to driving traffic to your business’s website. The amount of time that people spend watching videos has increased by more than 50% in the past couple of years.  In addition to viewing video content online, people watch videos on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers as well. YouTube has more than 1 billion users and more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Collaboration with YouTubers with great influence is an effective shortcut for marketers to reach the target audience. How can marketers take advantage of YouTube marketing is up to how marketers choose the right influencers through social media analysis. With a good YouTube analytics tool, marketers can find healthy YouTube channels or those with the potential to influence growth based on data analysis. In this blog post, we will explore how YouTube analytics tools help marketers analyze a list of YouTube channels and pick out best-fit partners.

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1. What is YouTube Analytics?

2. Features of YouTube Analytics Tool

3. YouTube Analytics Benefits

4. YouTube Analytics Drawbacks

5. Key takeaway

What is YouTube Analytics?

Generally speaking, YouTube analytics is a set of tools similar to those used in digital marketing of any type. As the official tool of YouTube, it enables channel owners to see demographics of channels’ viewers, view their playback times, and download replays to analyze your video’s performance. YouTube analytics also give you insights into the YouTube channel where your videos are hosted, like the time viewers spent on each video and which videos led to the most clicks.

However, only channel owners have access to the original YouTube analytics data, which is usually private to YouTubers and hard for brands to get. Thus, there are many third-party and legal YouTube analytics tools on market, such as NoxInfluencer, and Socialblade. Through their algorithm-estimated data, marketers are able to have insights into other YouTube channels and find the perfect-matched influencers. These social media analytics play a role that is similar to real YouTube analytics.

Features of YouTube Analytics Tool

Official YouTube Analytics

Pageviews – Pageviews measure how many unique users you’re seeing on your YouTube channel and how long they stay on each view. This is one of the most important metrics for YouTube analytics because it shows how many people are viewing your videos and what they’re watching.

Unique viewers – Unique viewers track how many people are actively viewing your videos without leaving the page. Unlike pageviews, unique viewers don’t include people who come to your channel while they’re already logged in to YouTube or who are browsing while they’re logged out.

Total time – Total time shows how long users spend watching your videos and is a good indicator of viewer engagement. This metric is especially important as a way to measure your channel’s success.

Active viewers – Active viewers tell you how many people are viewing your videos at any given moment and are useful for seeing how many people are on your channel right now.

There are many key metrics of channels provided by YouTube analytics, such as Playback rate, Click-through rate, View-to-playback rate, Watch-again rate, Replay rate, and Total time on channel.

Other Social Media Analytics Tool ——NoxInfluencer

YouTube Audience Estimation

Regarding social media analytics, Channel audience demographics analysis is the most essential measurement for brands. Having a precise insight into YouTube audience can help brands reach target customers. Thus, through YouTube audience analysis, brands can find the right influencers to collaborate with. 

Powered by NoxInfluencer, YouTube audience analysis estimates the subscribers’ gender profile, geographical distribution, viewers’ active time, and the most active subscribers.

NoxInfluencer’s YouTube audience analysis tool

YouTube Channel analysis

Channel analysis provides users with a general insight into a YouTube channel, including overall views, engagement rate, average views of videos, subscriber growth profile and trend, and estimated sponsorship price per video.

YouTube channel analysis——NoxInfluencer

YouTube Brand Analysis

As a paid feature of NoxInfluencer, brand analysis displays all YouTube channels’ sponsorship history, such as the past sponsored videos and the brands they collaborated with. 

Brand analysis directly reveals a YouTuber’s marketing performance for brands, who can see if the channel is worth sponsoring. 

YouTube channel brand analysis-NoxInfluencer

Real-time Subscriber Counter

Many social media tools have developed a similar function, a real-time subscriber counter. So does NoxInfluencer. It might not provide so much marketing analysis value. But it is interesting for creators or their followers to witness YouTubers reaching a subscribing milestone. 

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YouTube Channel Comparison

Through the YouTube channel comparison tool, YouTubers or brands can view the performance of different channels. They can get insight into YouTube statistics from other channels and competitors, such as video publish time, the engagement rate, and the keywords. Plus they can learn about competitors’ strategies and their advantages to optimize channels continually and increase channel value.

YouTube channel comparison tool

Similar Channel Suggestion

Based on this suggestion from NoxInfluencer, users can find other YouTube channels that are similar to the current one in terms of content topic, overlapped subscribers. This feature is embedded into audience analysis, shown in the image below.

YouTube similar channels—NoxInfluencer

YouTube Video analysis

YouTube video analytics offers analytics reports for each YouTube video, including the ratio of views to subscribers, engagement rate, likes ratio, and estimated video value if sponsored.

YouTube video analytics report—NoxInfluencer

YouTube Analytics Benefits

– Right Influencer Finding – For brands who are going to find YouTube influencers to do product promotion, YouTube analytics tool can help them find channels that have brands’ target customers and channels with good numbers in their performance.

Reach Consumers – Let’s say you’re an eCommerce brand and you have a product that is great for Father’s Day. However, it’s also a great gift for other occasions too. Through YouTube video analytics, brands can get the sponsored product video’s reach and how many people have viewed it. This information can help brands understand which influencer’s video is bringing in the most views and how you can improve them to better your influencer marketing campaign.

Brand Building – When it comes to building brand equity, one of the most critical aspects is how consumers perceive the overall quality of your product. With YouTube Analytics, you can measure the success of your branding efforts by tracking your video’s view counts and unique viewers.

Marketing Campaign Performance– When it comes to optimizing campaign performance, you can use analytics to determine the best time to upload a new video. You can also see which channels are performing the best to determine which creators you want to partner with.

Measurement of Effort – One of the most common complaints in digital marketing is that brands don’t measure their effort. With YouTube Analytics, you can easily track the time you spend on marketing campaigns and the results.

Audience Demographics – Audience demographics offer insight into who is viewing the channel’s videos and allow you to see what type of person is watching the content.

YouTube Analytics Drawbacks

– Time-Consuming – In order to create a well-balanced YouTube channel and optimize it for optimal performance, it takes a lot of time. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right metrics for your channel to see what impact they will have on your efforts in the long run.

– Budget – There are different types of YouTube analytics software, so you’ll have to research and decide which one is best for your business. Some may cost money, while others are completely free. It’s important to choose a YouTube analytics tool with the right features for your brand and business.

– Data Accuracy – Data quality is a major concern when it comes to metrics. There are several variables that affect data quality, including your YouTube channel’s metadata, your video’s metadata, and your YouTube channel’s views. And different social media tools have different data accuracy. As far as we know, NoxInfluencer’s algorithm model that is used to estimate YouTube metrics is world-leading. 

– Audience Demographics – Audience demographics are a bit hit or miss. It’s important to note that not all analytics tools provide this data, so it’s important to choose wisely in order to get the best results.

Key takeaway

YouTube analytics provides a detailed look at how YouTube videos are performing and what viewers are doing with them.

Luckily, a YouTube analytics tool is easy to set up and uses a minimal amount of data. YouTubers can also see insights like viewer demographics and how often people are returning to their videos, which can help them stay motivated and focused on growing your channel.

Now that you know how YouTube analytics work, you can use this information to select the right partners for your campaigns. For example, if a lot of people are clicking on your videos, that means they’re interested in your content, so you should partner with channels that have a large following.

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