NoxInfluencer Earn Money for Small YouTubers

If you run a small YouTube channel, what is your likelihood of appearing on the brands’ outreach list? 

How can you grasp influencer marketing trends to earn sponsorship even as a small creator?

If your answer is ambiguous, that is where NoxInfluencer comes in. Let me tell you why NoxInfluencer provides sponsorships for creators of all following scale, and how to get sponsored through it.

Of course, if you already are a creator knowing what sponsorship means to influencers, directly join NoxInfluencer and get sponsored now. 

In 2022, more and more brands have tapped into influence marketing and tried to reach out to creators on YouTube. 

Sounds like great trends for YouTubers to make money? 

But for those YouTubers with much smaller influence on social media, there seems to be little chance to be contacted by brands.

However, it’s wrong only millions-subscribed YouTubers can cooperate. Small creators’ content also deserve to pay off.

What Is NoxInfluencer?

NoxInfluencer is a comprehensive influencer marketing tool for Influencer Discovery, Relationship Managing, Campaign Running, Social media analytics. It streamlines workflow of collaboration between creators and brands, who can publish sponsorship offers (campaigns) on NoxInfluencer. 

Therefore, NoxInfluencer also serves as a sponsorship platform for creators to earn money. 

How NoxInfluencer Helps Creators?

💴Get Sponsored

NoxInfluencer has gathered tens of thousands brand users globally on their platform. Clients like Alibaba and Huawei are using NoxInfluencer to find creators to collaboration. 

Brand clients will publish sponsorship offers on NoxInfluencer, proactively inviting creators or waiting to collect application to cooperate from creators.

Thousands of new sponsorship opportunities are posted on NoxInfluencer every day.

These sponsorships target creators in beauty, clothing, electronics, games, sports, etc. Therefore, influencers can find the right brand owner on the NoxInfluencer platform if they want to make money.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦Grow your following through data analytics

Through the NoxInfluencer platform, you can view and analyze your subscriber growth trends, subscriber distribution countries, video viewing trends, and understand subscriber preferences to optimize video content channels and increase subscriber numbers.

If you want to analyze your and other same levels of YouTube channels, you can use the influencer details page to understand.

Of course, you can also analyze your subscriber type and subscriber source to recommend more things that subscribers like.

Also, YouTube’s popular tags and keyword optimization are essential for small channels. You can improve the ranking of videos by analyzing and let more subscribers discover your videos.

These analysis tools on the NoxInfluencer platform can help small creators to grow, by knowing how to optimize and adjust their content. 

⭐Guidance of Make Money on NoxInfluencer

Step One: Join NoxInfluencer as a YouTuber

You will need to sign up on NoxInfluencer using your YouTube account. Before getting board, you need to fill up related information, such as region, niche, which will be used to recommend best-matching sponsorships to you.

Step Two: Start to approach brands to get sponsored

  • Way 1: You can browse on NoxInfluencer to find if there is any campaigns you are interested in. If you find one, directly click to apply and communicate with brands to show your interests.
  • Way 2: When you sign up as an influencer on NoxInfluencer, brand uses will send out collaboration invitation from there campaign list to the influencers they choose. So, creators probably will receive invitation letters on NoxInfluencer when brands find you proactively.

Step Three: Start working on your campaign under different mode

  • Mode 1-CP? (cost per ?)  This mode runs on a rule of pay for some metric, such app installation, video views, or link clicks. NoxInfluecer will track these metrics of your sponsored content. (This mode is still under beta stage and will comes out soon.)
  • Mode 2-Falt rate: This mode is easy to understand. Brands bid a flat rate to influencers to create content for their products or services. 

Step Four: Get Paid!!!!

  • If everything goes well and smoothly, brands will pay influencers after confirming creation.
  • .NoxInfluencer will serve as a moderator in between to guarantee rights and benefits of both sides. So regardless brands or creators, they don’t need to worry about fund safety or credibility.

🌈Look forward to 2022

According to the NoxInfluencer analysis, more brand owners will choose influencer marketing in 2022, and the influencers will become more professional. In 2022, NoxInfluencer hopes to help more YouTube influencers realize their monetization through platform resources and technology.

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