2022 YouTube Rank: American Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels——Basketball Creators

Let’s meet the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels as basketball personalities in America. Every one of them has real substance in basketball playing but with totally different content styles from each other. Some of them are professional basketball trainers and some make more comedic content about basketball or exactly are professional basketball players.

Whatever content they made, knowing this list of most subscribed basketball YouTube channels can help your influencer marketing strategy of collaboration with basketball influencers.


1st Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 5.59 million subscribers

2nd Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 4.15 million subscribers

3rd Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 1.5 million subscribers

4th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 2.89 million subscribers

5th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 2.84 million subscribers

6th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 2.15 million subscribers

7th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 1.32 million subscribers

8th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 1.14 million subscribers

9th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 1.01 million subscribers

10th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 792 thousand subscribers

1st Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: Professor Live 5.59 million subscribers

The Professor is an alias Grayson Scott Boucher earned after the AND1 Mixtape Tour, where he schooled the opposition on the court. Grayson is widely known for the fancy playing style he performed during the international AND1 Mixtape Tour. He also works as an actor and has featured in several movies, such as Ball Dont Lie most notably.

As an American streetball player, Professor has grown to be the most subscribed basketball personality on YouTube with 5.59 million subscribers. Ranking first place on the list of the most subscribed YouTube basketball personalities, Professor uploading basketball training videos, match-playing episode. His content has motivated millions of basketball-loving kids and guided them to improve and lift their skills.

According to Professor Live channel analytic report, nearly 70% of his audience are from the United States. And the channel’s prime watching time is at 20:00 on Sunday, 14:00 on Wednesday, and 12:00 on Thursday.

2nd Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: CashNasty 4.15 million subscribers

With 4.15 million subscribers, Cassius Jeremy Clay, who goes by CashNasty online, primarily creates basketball and entertaining content on YouTube since he joined YouTube on June 21, 2013. His basketball content is not set as a professional or training style, but mainly for earning laughter and entertainment. He also operated his Twitch account, CashNastyGaming, with over 855 thousand followers. In 2018, he’d join the 2Hype collaborative gaming channel, which is also a channel that focuses on basketball content. Up to now, CashNasty has climbed to second place on the list of the top 10 American amateur ballers on YouTube.

According to CashNasty channel analytic report, CashNasty gets a nice score in all his promotion videos that were sponsored by brands. It can be seen in the picture above where displays CashNasty channel’s marketing value analysis.

3rd Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: 2HYPE 1.5 million subscribers

Strictly speaking, 2HYPE is not a personality, but an American YouTube group that creates basketball content mainly on the Internet. Since it was established in 2019, this basketball YouTube channel has developed as the third most subscribed YouTube channel under basketball category. Except for basketball videos, they would also make group challenge videos.

2HYPE has six members. Except for CashNasty who has been mentioned above, it also has Jesser, Kristopher London, Jiedel, ZackTTG, and Moochie. The gross sub of their own YouTube channels has reached 8.6 million. Although the other five members are also creating content about basketball, their channels are not typical. Real basketball fans and lovers are not their target audience. So this list doesn’t include them as the basketball personality.

Group creator channel has a larger capacity to do promotion. As 2HYPE channel analytic report shows, its promotion score is nearly 100, showing a nice performance of its promotion videos.

4th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: Ballislife 2.89 million subscribers 

Similar to 2HYPE, Ballislife is much more than a mixtape maker or an online basketball new media outlet. But Ballislife focuses more on pure basketball content, not only entertainment like 2HYPE. Originally created in 2005, Ballislife has developed into a basketball life brand with its own site, commerce business. Ballislife’s YouTube channel has attracted 2.9 million subscribers and 1.04 billion views up to May 26, 2021, as the fourth most subscribed YouTube basketball channel. On this channel, the content is primarily about “mixtapes” of the best high school players in the United States. Ballislife covers and shares content about ballers from all major basketball tournaments, contests, and all-star events.

Ballislife has its own squad consisting of Nick Briz, A-Milly, Zach Hodskins, and Slim Reaper. some of the content on Ballislife is about their game at street or hood. These four street ballers have their own YouTube channel with over 320,000 subscribers on YouTube.

As Ballislife channel analytic report shows, most of the audience is male users and from the United States.

5th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: Tristan Jass 2.84 million subscribers

As a basketball personality, Tristan Jass plays as a point guard and went viral by one of his videos of extreme layups on Instagram and was featured by ESPN. With 2.84 million subs on YouTube, Jass ranks at 5th place on this YouTube rank list.

We can see Tristan’s channel growth curve above. Just in one past year, Tristan’s following on YouTube has increased from 1.84 million to nearly 2.9 million with over 100% growth rate. Joined YouTube in 2014, Tristan Jass has become the fastest-growing channel of the top 10 most subscribed YouTube basketball personalities.

6th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: ILoveBasketballTV 2.15 million subscribers

As a leading basketball YouTube channel, ILoveBasketballTV primarily creates basketball training content and release on YouTube. This channel aims to make ballers better, get them motivated. This channel has amassed 2.15 million subscribers and ranks 6th place on the rank of most subscribed YouTube basketball channels.

The man behind I Love Basketball TV is Rocky Ullah, popular known as Coach Rocky, who is good at breaking down those excellent and classic moves done by NBA superstars. Ullah was formally a professional player. Featured by Coach Rocky, I Love Basketball TV offers training tips and tutorials by taking cues from the signature moves of NBA stars.

7th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: MarcelasHoward 1.32 million subscribers

Howard established this channel on August 24, 2010. Up to May 2021, his channel has garnered 1.32 million subscribers. The content on his channel is primarily about comedic basketball sketches. Popular for his basketball pranks, challenges, and reactions, Howard has established his personal channel as the 7th largest basketball YouTube channel in America.

He has committed to play college basketball for the Holy Names University Hawks.

According to MarcelasHoward channel analytic report, Howard’s channel has a clear prime watching time distribution, especially at 15:00 every Wednesday.

8th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: BdotAdot5 1.14 million subscribers

Brandon Armstrong, who goes by BdotAdot5 online, is a comedic basketball personality on YouTube. Before coming to fame, Brandon had created content on YouTube already, but much more serious mixtape basketball-playing video about himself, not comedy sports genre like now. In 2015, one video about impersonation of Westbrook went viral online and was retweeted by Westbrook himself, taking over social media suddenly. This video has changed Brandon’s life since then.

Before 2015, Brandon was going to play on the professional court, starting at NBA summer league and then EuroBasket. He continued to do impersonation of Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Steph Curry, James Harden, which earned over 1 million views in less than 2 months. And now, BdotAdot5’s channel ranks at 8th place of this YouTube rank to top 10 most subscribed basketball YouTube channel with 1.14 million followers. And Brandon are working bask to play as a professional player in the Melbourne University Black Angels in Division 1 of the Victorian basketball league.

9th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: ShotMechanics 1.01 million subscribers 

ShotMechanics was created by Collin Castellaw, who is a basketball shooting instructor. On his channel, videos about basketball moves, drills, tutorials, and other content dedicated to breaking down a wide variety of moves are uploaded. With 1.01 million subscribers, ShotMechanics has been ascended into one of the top 10 most subscribed American basketball channels on YouTube.

With Coach C’s ten-year training experience, ShotMechanics is committed to helping basketball players all over the globe to be more confident and get love from games. Through backward design, data analysis, and innovative methods, Coach C and his team are evolving the way people think about shooting and basketball instruction.

According to ShotMechanics channel analytic report, most of its videos are watched after 16:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

10th Place on Basketball YouTube Rank: AJ Lapray 792 thousand subscribers 

The bottom channel of this rank list is owned by A.J. Lapray, who is a professional high guard in D 1 basketball at The University of Oregon. He also played at Pepperdine and Rice before. He had ever led Sprague High School to the state playoffs with 17 points per game on average as a senior student.

In addition, to be a professional player, he had a second career as a YouTuber, creating and sharing content about basketball tips and tricks with nearly 800 thousand subscribers. He came to fame mainly by his video NERDS DUNK ON HOOPERS AT VENICE BEACH in 2018 and gained 10 million views in less than a year. Now Lapray is the only one who has less than 1 million subs on this rank of American basketball YouTube channels.

All data and stats quoted here were updated by May 19, 2021. All data are sourced from NoxInfluencer. This article only makes objective descriptions of the stats of these YouTube channels and no subjective judgment on YouTubers.

And this rank list is created just based on subvolume and cannot be seen as a standard to tell who is better or worse. Every creator is respectable and deserves to be seen and loved.

If there are any questions or doubts about the stats mentioned in this article, please directly contact NoxInfluencer Team.

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