How TikTokers Make Money on Influencer Marketing Platform

In the past few months, there has been a huge outburst of self-professed influencers on social media. These super-connected people are being paid handsome amounts for endorsing products or services in their videos. 

The activity is called ‘Influencer Marketing’ and it’s not just limited to popular YouTubers or Instagram models but TikTokers, the creators from new short- video sharing app TikTok, are also monetizing their content. With brands spending millions on Influencer Marketing, it is no wonder that everyone with a sizable following is trying to become an Influencer and make money by their wonderful organic or sponsored content. 

Influencer marketing platforms not only can help brands find matchable TikTokers to do TikTok marketing, but also offer TikTokers more collaboration opportunities to make money. What you must be wondering now is how TikTokers make more money on influencer marketing platforms? Let’s look at some suggestions…


How TikTok Influencers Make Money Through Influencer Marketing?

As the TikTok user base gets larger and larger, TikToker has taken over YouTube and Instagram as the most lucrative marketplace for brands or marketers.

To get more impressions for their products, brands start to turn to niche TikTokers as a way of reaching their target customers, among influencers’ followers.

TikTok Influencers make money through Influencer Marketing in two ways – they either get paid by brands to feature their product in TikTok videos or are given products by brands in exchange for reviews. 

Brands pay influencers to include their product in their TikTok videos because that helps increase brand visibility and boost product sales. Niche Influencers have great authority and are trustworthy among their followers. 

TikTok Influencers can also make money through Influencer Marketing by reviewing a product, as brands are willing to pay for honest product reviews. Especially for those brands who sell products with high value, such as consumer electronics, using sample products as reward for product reviewing is a wiser option, which is also welcome for influencers.

3 Ways TikTokers Make Money on Influencer Marketing Platforms

For those TikTokers with a large following, who are usually called mega influencers, they never worry about lack of business collaboration opportunities. Brands will proactively try every possible method to get in reach with these social celebrities.

But many TikTokers with a smaller following of thousands or hundreds of followers have equal content creativity as those larger influencers. These creators have even stronger trust ties with their followers while less chance to be found on social media. They deserve to be seen and are a better choice for brands to cooperate with. That’s where influencer marketing platforms come in

Platforms work as the bridge between a broad social artist pool and brands who are eager to partner with best-fit influencers. It’s not made only for large celebrities, but especially also for small creators. It offers equal opportunities for smaller TikTokers to monetize their wonderful content. 

Here are three ways to make more money on influencer marketing platforms for TikTokers: 

Sign up on multiple influencer marketing platforms

To make more money on platforms, the first step is to be a loyal member of those platforms. And try to join as many platforms as you can to increase your revenue sources. 

Usually, brand users on an influencer marketing platform will frequently publish campaigns demands, and influencers users can pick favored ones to apply to cooperate. Therefore, for TikTokers, being an active user who browses on these platforms will bring more business collaborations.

influence collaboration offers

Submit authentic information onto platforms

Many platforms display information of influencers for brands’ reference, such as content category, contacts, following, engagement rates, most of which are obtained from public channels. Sometimes the stats on platforms are out-of-date or even wrong, which will hinder brands to contact you. 

In order to ensure your information on influencer marketing platforms is latest and authentic, TikTokers need to claim as the owner of channels on platforms to edit or submit the right information. 

influencer information on platforms

Complete collaboration by workflow of Influencer marketing platforms

If you want to work with brands through platforms, you’d better do this as the workflow on platforms. 

For one thing, this is for risk aversion. Many brands would suggest working with influencers off platform, like asking other contact channels from TikTokers. They usually excuse it for service fee saving. However, platforms exist for influencers to avoid being defrauded, especially guaranteeing payment security. Complete collaboration on platforms is a safer way. 

For another thing, platforms will record all campaigns influencers completed on platforms. If you work with brands off platforms, campaign history is nowhere to be found on platforms. Platforms will display all influencers‘ campaign history and performance in each channel page, from which brand the influencer worked with to how the sponsored content performs. The campaign history is important to brands when they pick new influencer partners. Rich collaboration experience is a badge for influencers, even though some bad experiences are displayed, and they will bring you more collaboration opportunities.


Making money through TikTok ads is a great way to boost your pocket. If you have a sizable following on TikTok, you can easily make money from TikTok ads. 

Once you join a TikTok Influencer marketing platform, you can apply to brands and wait for the response. Once brands select you, they will ask you to create content highlighting the product using TikTok and include the product name or logo in your video. You can also use TikTok ads to make money from TikTok followers. Now that you know how TikTokers make money through Influencer Marketing, what are you waiting for? Get started and make money from TikTok ads. But first, sign up on a TikTok Influencer marketing platform.

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