How Much Money Can YouTuber Earn by Brand YouTube Sponsorship?

Making money on YouTube is a hot topic discussed by people around the world in recent years. It has 90,500 average search volume on Google. Besides, this query is also popular on Quora and YouTube. People are usually curious about the CPM, YouTube Sponsorship and views growth. However, if you are a small YouTuber, do you know how much money can you earn by brand YouTube sponsorship? Do you know where to find brands that fit your channel? In this article, I will let you know all about YouTube Sponsorship.

To find YouTube Sponsorship, Noxinfluencer will be a good choice, Noxinfluencer has an influencer marketing platform that can help YouTubers find YouTube sponsorship and make money.

1.Influencer marketing platfrom - Noxinfluencer


As you can see from the photo, there are many brand sellers who are trying to find YouTubers to make cooperation. Some of them are e-commerce merchants, the other is application developers. According to my calculation, the average order size is over $300, it means that if your YouTube channel can match these sponsorships, you will get extra revenue from them and make at least $300 per video.


How to apply YouTube Sponsorship on Noxinfluencer?


Follow the steps below and learn more.

1. Log in Noxinfluencer

2. Login Noxinfluencer influencer marketing platform

Click the tab: I’m Influencer and log in Noxinfluencer influencer marketing platform. Then you will jump to the account system page.

3. Account System- Noxinfluencer influencer marketing platform

I know that some of the YouTubers dislike authorizing the login process, no worries, Noxinfluencer has changed for you!

2. Submit Information for YouTube Channel Verification

If you are new users, you need to approve YouTube channel verification on Noxinfluencer influencer marketing platform.

4. YouTube Channel Verification - Noxinfluencer

  • Paste your YouTube channel link
  • Upload the screenshot of your YouTube Studio, view the example below:5. Channel Verification Example- Noxinfluencer
  • Click submit and you will see the next process

3. Find YouTube Sponsorships


Just click the find Sponsorships tab and search for the campaigns that can match your YouTube channel. For example, if you are a YouTuber who makes content about basketball, you can cooperate with the brands that sell basketball gear.

4.Set Your Quotation & Introduce Your YouTube Channel

6. Set Quotation - Noxinfluencer

If you have reached this process, it means that you find the right YouTube sponsorship. Then you can set your quotation to the brands and let them know. Take note that, you would better give your quotation based on your CPM and average view. Or you may miss a good opportunity.

5. Sign the Contract


The contract is always signed by brand, what you need to do is make sure that you can accept and perform the contract well.

6. Making Promotion Video


In my opinion, this is what you do well in, just do it with no hesitation. Don’t forget the details in the contract and make sure that you will put the right promotion link in video description.

7. Withdraw Money

 7. Withdrawl Money - Noxinfluencer Marketing

After publishing the videos, you can withdraw money on our platform, it usually takes 1-3 business days. It’s easy to have the sponsorship on Noxinfluencer, isn’t it?


I hope this article can help you well.

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