Traditional Marketing Has No Way Out: Internet Marketing with Influencers Now

All brands know well about the necessity of launching an advertisement for their business. We would also do branding as a way to promote products. Besides, marketing is another frequently-seen keyword like advertising and branding.

Has anyone been confused by these three words, ever? Before the discussion of the role of influencers in business promotion, Noxinfluencer here helps solve your confusion by explaining the interrelationship among advertising, branding, and marketing first.

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These elements are closely connected in purpose and tend to feed off one another, making it easy to get them confused. Understanding the connection in between can help you have a clearer strategic sight in your business initiatives and how to grow your YouTube channels, with a result of maximized effectiveness.


Branding is a move to feature an enterprise’s product style. It is also conveying a company’s belief and mission. How you make branding determines how your customers feel about your business and product. People can establish a particular brand image in their minds through a company’s logo, name, color scheme, among others. What brand-holders should do is keep emphasizing and strengthening customers’ cognition of their brand. It is a preliminary endeavor and a basic goal to promote business too.


Advertising is a major tool to implement branding. It is defined as a paid campaign to communicate the brand message to target audiences, also called impression coverage for businesses. Advertising can be conducted through various media, such as newspapers, television programs, posters, radio, and so on.

By virtue of the money-making feature, advertising revenue is usually seen as a profit chunk on most companies’ income statements. Under the Internet era, many titans like Google, Alibaba, and Facebook, all have their own advertising platform, providing service for advertisers to run ads.

Facing interrogation from congress, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg threw out that classic answer, “Senator, we run ads”, when asked by senator Hatch about how free-used Facebook sustains itself.


Marketing, with an ultimate goal to make a profit, is conducted through a series of strategic actions encompassing brand awareness and recognition building. Marketing is a broader definition than branding and advertising. Every piece of information about your business is part of marketing. It also requires more results to measure its performance than the other two. Because marketing aims to help businesses complete sales in addition to brand promotion.

Simply put, branding, with advertising as a tool, counts as a part of marketing. The three essential elements share a common goal and complement each other. When we carry out our marketing practices, both advertising and branding goal have to be reached. If our marketing efforts are made through influencers, the performance will be better, let Noxinfluencer tell you why.

Why marketing deserves such a massive budget?

Everyone knows the necessity to do marketing, but do we understand why brands have to invest so much in ad to do marketing and why the existence of ad matters?

Volkswagen spends $6.6 billion annually on advertising, Coca Cola 5 billion, Unilever 8.3 billion, P&G 8 billion. However, will the ad expense pressure be transferred to consumers at last, with higher goods price?

To tell you the truth, it won’t. Instead, ads, as a key marketing tool, can provide you with lower-price goods.

According to a paper published by Professor Ben from the University of Chicago, in the 1960s, the average price of eyeglasses in states that allowed ads was $26, while in others where there was no ad the price was $33.

influencer marketing makes goods cheaper——Noxinfluencer

Lower price is generated from the scale effect brought by ads. The larger scale of consumers will decrease the average price in return.

Moreover, the marketing practice of brands can allow us to use many products for free. Google, free. Facebook, free. Twitter, free again. But some of us just take it for granted

Don’t forget that an ad-free Windows or Photoshop is so expensive to purchase if yours are not piracy. Even ad-version Kindle is $25 higher than those clean.

influencer marketing makes goods cheaper——Noxinfluencer

How marketing scenario has changed?

During the first 2 decades in the 21st century, a dramatic change has been witnessed in marketing scenarios, especially in the ad format.

Let’s look at a set of data. After all, data don’t lie.

From 1919 to 2019, the ratio of ad expense to American GDP has kept a level fluctuating between 2% to 5%. However, when it comes to the advertising revenue of many internet companies who rely on advertising to sustain, the annual growth rate has always been larger than this ratio. Google’s ad revenue expands at over 20% each year.

Is there a contradiction that almost all internet entities’ ad revenue keeps growing while the whole ad market scale doesn’t change much? The only truth is ad share is shifting to the internet from traditional ad channels.

Mary Meeker, the queen of the internet, reveals the ratio of users’ time on media channels over each channel’s ad revenue in her annual Internet trends report. In 2018, this ratio of newspapers decreased to 7% from 2009’s 26%. And internet media’s rose to 51% to 13%.

Most users’ attention has been stolen by the Internet. Thus a bulk of ad share has been overtaken by the internet, leading to an upheaval in marketing form.

Traditional marketing has no way out——Noxinfluencer

Internet marketing advantage over traditional ones


In a month, how many advertisers can a newspaper or TV channel help to launch an advertisement? The number is quite small.

As far as Facebook is concerned, there were 5 million active advertisers on its ad platform in 2017. And launching an ad campaign on TikTok’s self-serve ad platform only needs 1 minute.


The Internet tech-giants, including Tencent, Alibaba, Google, and TikTok’s parent company Bytedance, boast self-built user databases, powered by their app matrix. Tencent boasts Wechat, QQ, and other video and news-feed apps. The apps-holder will conduct an all-round analysis through tracking the data from all apps’ users, to learn their habits, preference, appetite, and so on. For instance, if a 17-year-old boy subscribes a lot of basketball trainers on YouTube and searches on Google recently with keywords such as, basketball skills, Irving playing cut, Curry logo shots highlights, Google will recognize him as a target audience of Spalding. Powered by big data, the extremely-precise user profile can be formed, providing a more vertical user group for brands to reach. The marketing campaign can achieve higher efficiency of launching through a more accurate impression to target customers.


In the traditional marketing field, there was a Goldbach conjecture going as, in every ad campaign, half of the expense will go down the drain without result and you will never know which half.

However, Internet marketing performance can be measured in large. In a performance ad, advertisers are allowed only to pay for ad clicks, maximizing the marketing campaign’s cost-effectiveness.

And cost-effectiveness of marketing can also be lifted through continuous ad content optimization, which can be realized based on a couple of data measures, including CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per Mille), CTR(Click Through Rate), impressions, and others. Internet marketing can feedback a comprehensive data measure for marketers to review all marketing campaigns and make improvements.

Why choose influencers to carry out marketing?

Influencer marketing almost gathers all advantages of Internet marketing and serves as a more influential marketing method than other Internet marketing formats.

Efficiency of influencer marketing

Marketers can launch any marketing campaign they want on Noxinfluencer through few clicks. And suitable influencers will receive your order. All launching procedures are completed in 1 day at fastest.

Accuracy of influencer marketing

Leveraging Noxinfluencer self-owned AI and neural network, Noxinfluncer provides brands a quiet smart audience profile through analyzing the data from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Brands can directly obtain partner influencers with followers who are most vertical with their brands. As a leading influencer marketing platform, Noxinfluencer can help marketers find their desired audience with the most accuracy, bringing them the most impression.

user profile in influencer marketing——Noxinfluencer

Cost-effectiveness influencer marketing

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Through the influencer marketing platform, Noxinfluencer, marketers can find all needed measures to evaluate their marketing campaigns. Amid preparation for campaign launching, marketers can also predict the performance through influencer marketing calculator, as a way to minimize unnecessary budget waste.



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