How to Select the Right Influencers by Data Analysis

We learned how to select the influencers related to your niche. However, the performance of influencers’ social media accounts is different, and the performance will affect the promotion result of influencer marketers. Besides, most of the companies usually pay more attention to ROI (return on investment). Read this article and you are going to learn how to select the right influencers by data analysis.

First of all, let’s think about a question together:” What is the right influencer?” Take note that I have to exclude an answer:” The right influencer is someone who can bring the most traffic and conversions for me.” 80% of the people may blurt out that. But I don’t think that the answer is persuasive. So the next step is doing a keyword decomposition and tries to dig out the truth. Here is a tip for you: Key data performance indicators. Continue reading and find the answer below.

Here are some key data performance indicators you need to know:

1.Subscribers (Followers)

It is usually used to measure the popularity of the influencers, which represents the number of people who follow the influencers across different social media platforms, but it cannot be used to measure the quality of web celebrity channels alone, as it is common now that some creators may buy fake followers.

2.Views (Reaches)

In video content platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, the number of views usually measures the times that the content displayed to audiences. On some other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we usually measure the performance by the number of reaches.

3.Average Views (Reaches)

It is an important data indicator that can reflect the stability of influencers’ social media account performance, and it can also help us calculate the estimated impressions. It is worth mentioning that, some senior marketers prefer to use media views because this indicator can show the stable performance of an influencer.

You don’t have to calculate one by one, Noxinfluencer has calculated the indicator for you.


It is the ratio of the number of views and subscribers. It can reflect the appeal and content quality of influencers. The higher the views/subs is, the better the influencer will be when the average views meet the brands’ expectations.

Average views-Noxinfluencer

Here is a tip for you,why should this be true only if the average number of views meets expectations?  For example, PewDiePie is the 2nd channel that has the most subscribers. Its view/subs is low as 3.43%, but we can not ignore the average views, it is nearly 3.7M. So you can imagine that if PewDiePie does a product seeding for you, how much brand awareness you will get. On the contrary, the views/subs of some micro-influencers may be over 100%, but the average views is only 500, would you like to work with him? I guess the answer is no.

5.Frequency of video release

This indicator represents the frequency for influencers to publish videos or posts. It usually shows the activity of viewers. In my opinion, don’t work with influencers who have no updates for more than 3 months.

All in all, I have a short and brief summary for you: The right influencer is someone who has a certain number of subscribers, stable average views that match the number of subscribers, awesome views/subs, and releases videos frequently. If you do it this way, the success rate would be much higher because Noxinfluencer is an influencer marketing platform that has provided a $15 million influencer database, I am sure this will help you make a decision as long as you can dig up 1% in it.

Export Influencer Database in bulk - Noxinfluencer

One last tip that can help you save time: if you want to analyze influencer data in bulk, you can exporting the data by excel file.

Thanks for the reading, the next article I will let you know how to start a promotion project and make decisions.

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