Brand New YouTube Traffic Strategy – Cross Driving by Noxinfluencer

Hey YouTubers, in this article I will share you a brand new traffic strategy to help you grow your YouTube channel, let’s check it out!

All things in one word is CROSS DRIVING: Invite other YouTubers promoting your channel on their daily content. How to do that? Let’s see the steps below.


Step 1: Search for the influencers who create similar content to you.


As we know, there are millions of YouTube creators to update videos on the platform. However, how to find them in a few seconds? Don’t worry, I have an idea, get help from Influencer Search Engine – Noxinfluencer

1. Noxinfluencer home page

All right, you can see the huge search bar on, just click the button and run the engine!

Next, set the filter to help you find your relevant influencers, before setting those filters, you need to know the size of influencers – How many subscribers of the influencers you need, the geography the channel is – Where the influencer comes from, the active YouTube channel – If they often publish videos in recent days.

For example, I am a YouTube who wants to make videos about British shorthair cats, so all I need to do are like the picture below:

2. Noxinfluencer Influencer search engine

Please follow the steps like what I did, it will help you get more accurate search results like these:

3. Search results about cats

You can see that, after doing these, you can get lots of influencers who are relevant to the cat!


Step 2: Create Your Campaign and Invite the Influencers


Just click the button – I’m Brand, and then go to Noxinfluencer influencer marketing platform.

4. Go to creat campaign on Noxinfluencer

Create your first campaign – Click here

5. Create campaign on Noxinfluencer

Complete the campaign

6. Upload image on Noxinfluencer influencer marketing platform

  1. Write the name
  2. Set the keywords
  3. Upload an image
  4. Set your channel link


Next, you need to write some words in the description, here is the example for you:

  1. Product description: My channel also make content about cats, I need influencers who can help me promote my channel!
  2. Promotion pattern: Preroll at the beginning of the video
  3. Length of the ad part: 1-2 minutes
  4. Other requirements: Please give me an End-Screen to help me drive more traffic!


  1. Set the end date
  2. Select the target geo of the influencer
  3. Set the Budget and the number of influencer you need
  4. Submit 

7. Set other requies

Step 3: Invite Influencer


After publishing your campaign, you can see that Noxinfluencer will recommend you influencers based on the AI calculation, just invite them with no hesitation!

 8. Recommend influencers- Noxinfluencer

Well, I believe that after doing those steps, you can get in touch with them in the next few days. Just talk with them and build your first YouTube traffic strategy!


I hope this article can help you well.

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