Influencer Marketing: Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

When we carry out influencer marketing campaigns on social media platforms, simply collaborating with big influencers to make promotional videos might not garner nice ROI for advertisers. Having sufficient influencer data analysis is key to the results of an influencer marketing campaign. Having a close look at social media platform trends can help brands have a deeper understanding of social media marketing. Thus, a good social media monitoring tool can help you know what’s going on with the content about your brand and make your influencer marketing strategy more easily to have good results.

Social media has made our lives easier, but it can also be very time-consuming. This is why Monitormega helped us to share this blog post to help you find the best social media monitoring tools. There are many social media monitoring tools, but not all of them are created equally.

Social Media Monitoring Tools is a term used to describe software that tracks mentions of your brand on various social media platforms so you can see what people are saying about you.

With the help of these tools, brands can identify their most active followers, monitor customer feedback, and analyze competitor activity to make marketing decisions more efficiently. There are many social media monitoring tools, but not all of them work well or have features worth paying for.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools:

Social media is an essential part of any business and can be easily monitored with the right tools. Many free or low-cost services will give you a general idea of what’s going on. But we’ll look at the more robust options out there.

1- NoxInfluencer:

NoxInfluencer is an Asian-leading YouTube channel analytic tool that is developed by a smart distribution system provider. With a goal of helping brands collaborate with popular influencers from various social media platforms, NoxInfluencer provides users with a self-developed influencer search engine and all-around influencer analytic report of every channel.

It can be used to view top viewed or fast-growing YouTube channels under all categories and in all areas globally. In addition, it also provides users with a global TikTok and Instagram ranking list.

NoxInfluencer is one of the easiest tools to see which are the most popular 1,000 YouTube channels currently in the world. And it works as a social media content monitoring tool for users to see how a specific YouTube video performs in terms of likes, comments, or shares.

2- Talkwalker:

Talkwalker uses machine intelligence to find the most exciting and buzz-worthy conversations. You can make minute changes to your marketing campaigns to drive maximum conversions. It is your one-stop shop to have a conversation with the world.

Whenever you need to collect insights or evaluate a brand, Talkwalker offers more than 50 filters to monitor conversations across 150 million data sources such as blogs, forums, videos, news sites, review sites, and social networks. You can quickly analyze engagement levels of comments, reach, and sentiment. With Talkwalker, every conversation matters.

Talkwalker is a powerful tool for understanding how your brand and products are viewed in the world. With Talkwalker, you can easily analyze engagement, reach, comments, and brand sentiment. It’s like having an expert behind the computer monitor scanning conversations just for you.

3- Nexalogy:

Imagine a world where you could know more about both American culture and your social media brand’s demographics than ever before. With Nexalogy, you can. Introducing you what people are most active on Twitter in northeast Asian markets – guessing is so 2012. Nexalogy doesn’t just give you Instagram data; it lets you map your social presence and see what’s important.

Discover the most popular accounts to follow on any given topic in seconds or explore a timeline of images with geolocation-based heat maps that will help you understand how life events have shaped perceptions of a location. If numbers are more your thing, we also list the Top keywords for a given day or month and which posts had the highest engagement rate so far this year.

Nexalogy’s top-tier data visualizations set it apart from its competitors with interactive timelines, geolocation-based heat maps, lexical cluster maps that show typical topic patterns. Plus, the “basic” stuff like popular keywords and most active accounts would take weeks to figure out human beings. Find nearly anything you need to know about what people are talking about on social media today using Nexalogy’s powerful analytics software.

4- Mentionlytics:

Mentionlytics is the professional-grade social media monitoring app that tracks mentions, keywords, and sentiment across multiple languages. You’ll be able to track trending topics and connect with your targeted audience effectively in minutes.

“We’ve simplified social media listening so you don’t have to spend hours every day trying to figure out what people are saying.”

Mentionlytics also offers a variety of different functions for a variety of uses: *Updates from fans on Facebook *Keywords that resonate best with your buyers *Exclusive data via Global Sentiment Index about trends internationally.

Track the sentiment of your brand name on social media with Mentionlytics, a powerful monitoring platform that uses AI to identify and measure key moments. With this app, you will know when and where people are talking about your business. Mentionlytics monitors millions of new posts in real-time for relevant keywords, so you always stay current with what clients or customers say.

5- Reputology:

Reputology is software that helps businesses respond to negative reviews. It makes it easy to track their activities across different online review sites and effectively manage their reputation.

“Reputology lets you detect new activity around your business in over 7 million reviews worldwide, as well as get real-time updates so you’re always prepared for whatever feedback awaits.”

In the age of bad reviews across major review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, Reputologists are here to help squash the badminton in your business. With one dashboard, you can monitor who’s left feedback for major review sites and locations–that way, you will always be on top of things no matter where someone has reviewed you.


Once you’ve found the best social media monitoring tools for your business, it’s essential to determine what type of monitoring is appropriate. Many free or low-cost services will give you a general idea of what’s going on, but we’ll look at the more robust options out there. This article has highlighted five great platforms and how they can help grow your brand through YouTube influencer marketing techniques such as engagement and following trends in real-time, all with little effort from you. So take a moment to search around online for which tool suits your needs best before diving into this powerful way of interacting with customers.

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