How to Catch YouTube Trendings by Noxinfluencer

Trending topics on YouTube is what creators care about most.  Because the trending topics have a large number of search volume. Besides, audiences are more likely to search and comment on these videos. Most importantly, it helps creators gain traffic and new subscribers quickly.  However, people may don’t know the method of finding and catching the trends, in this article, let’s discuss some practical methods which are helpful to you.

1. Google Trends – YouTube

Google trend has a powerful function that can help us track the search trends and interest index on YouTube. We can track hot search topics and search queries on Youtube by clicking the filter. Take note that Google trend provides us 4 dimensions to track the specific topics and queries sorted by location, time period, categories, and network channels. Besides, the rising tab is good for tracking the short-time topics which are rising fast. And the top tab is better for tracking the long-time period topics. Besides, the accuracy outside the US is not accurate enough.

However, this function only works better for 2 kinds of time dimensions such as last 7 days and last 30 days, if you are looking for real-time topics and queries, YouTube will be a better choice.

2. Trending Page – YouTube

To catch the trends, checking out what the top creators do is also a good way. YouTube trending tab provides hot videos sorted by Music, Gaming, News, Movies, and Fashion. After scanning the videos, making a conclusion will be much easier.

Here is a tip for you, if you are looking for trendings of other countries, you need to change the setting on YouTube. Check the picture below:

After finishing the settings, YouTube will recommend you the trending content of your target country. However, to make attribution analysis, the YouTube trending tab can not help you get the winning topic and keywords directly. You may need another tool to help you get the results. Noxinfluencer will be a powerful tool to help you get the winning-keywords.

3. YouTube Trending Insight- Noxinfluencer

Timeliness is the most important part of trending,  it requires us to have the ability to respond quickly to the hot trends. Noxinfluencer has a new feature that can help you well.

YouTube Trending Insight has collected hot topics and queries by countries and categories. The high-frequency keywords are displayed by word cloud and rank. Besides, Noxinfluencer also provides a video rank that shows the videos which have the fastest views growth in recent 3 hours. It’s easy to know the growth of the views in the recent 3 hours.

What’s next? After finding out the keyword, we can do the keyword research on the website. YouTube Keyword Tool can do the insight for you.

Keyword Trends

After entering the keywords on the search bar, Noxinfluencer will provide the relevant search words and trends. In addition, we can sort the trends by time period. Take note that the data was offered by Google Trend, so you don’t need to search it again by Google trends.

Relevant Hot Tags

Winning-Keywords are always included in long tails keywords because some of the long tails have big search volume than others. Besides, the long-tail keywords have lower competition, it’s easier to rank at the top of the YouTube search result. Just select the keywords and add them as the tags of your video.

Relevant Hot Video

Sometimes, other creators may find out the hot topics earlier than you. No worries, just take a look at their videos and try to make better thumbnails and content than them. In addition to the views and watching times, View/Subs and engagement rate will be a valuable data index. Besides, you can sort the video by hot rank and published time. With the help of the video hunter,  your content may appear on the YouTube Trending list.

I hope this tip will help you well.

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