How To Make Money On YouTube 2019

If you having been using YouTube you most likely know about subscribers on different channels. You might also have a rough idea of the relationship between the amount of influence and the number of subscribers one has. YouTube has millions of users on a daily basis with lots of videos being uploaded every now and then. To improve on the usage one is allowed to have preferred subscription channels so as to receive more preferred content first. This improves the feed and helps drive viewers to the site. YouTube also makes it even better by giving priority to channels that you use frequently.

How to use YouTube calculator

This important tool by YouTube was created to let anyone easily estimate the earning of a YouTube Channel or video on the basis of views, engagement among other various factors. To use this tool, first drag the YouTube view count slider down and then set your estimated average engagement on the basis of your performance history and after that, you can view your estimated range of daily, weekly and yearly projected earnings. When you visit NoxInfluencer you will enjoy the convenience of using the YouTube calculator without a lot of hustle as compared to the YouTube page. All you have to do is select the YouTube channel you would love to estimate the value and you will be able to view all the statics immediately.

Reason to start a YouTube channel

Most YouTube channels are of self-made celebrities who have built their audience through content creation aimed at teaching, reviewing, entertaining and being cool. Others do it just because of doing it and to gain an audience. Starting a YouTube channel just to make money is not a good reason to start a channel but starting a channel for the passion of doing something opens up the opportunity to earn as you are in the process. YouTube channels earning potentials are not only determined by the number of subscribers you have and the views you get. Being able to engage and cater to your audience also factors a lot in the earning potential. You have to better understand your audience to better archive the desired earnings. Which all draws down to building your brand in the best way possible.

Building your brand

To better your brand you will need to understand more about your audience. To best understand your audience, you will need the YouTube analytics which will help you by giving you detailed information of your audience in terms of gender, age, geographical location and watch time to paint the accurate picture. Just like other influencers and bloggers you can unlock your potential on YouTube by creating different revenue streams that can bring you money. Good for you there are ways to do so and examples include: being a YouTube partner so that you can make money from the advertisements. You can also sell your products and make money. You can also make money by having your audience to support you by fan funding. You can also work with other brands and be their brand ambassador or influencer.